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Deltapath frSIP Acute Hospital Communication System Customer Show Case – Gunma University Hospital

Posted by Natalia Burris on 2017-09-11 03:00:20



Gunma University Hospital’s Sub Manager of System Integration, Kota Toikai, gives us a glimpse of how smartphones have improved communication within the hospital, which has saved lives and enhanced the quality of care. These improvements can be seen in faster response times from hospital staff which lead to better attention/care for patients after a panic value is discovered, as well as in eliminating confusion caused by the amount of data that staff receives from the inspection department. He mentions that by using Deltapath’s frSIP Acute, doctors and nursing staff can now enjoy HD calls, send chat messages, edit files, and review/update patient details through their smartphones at any time and at any location. No longer are doctors and nursing staff limited to reviewing patient data from an Electronic Medical Record Terminal or PDA.

Watch the video below to get more of the inside scoop on how Gunma University Hospital, the leading hospital in cancer care, is improving the medical safety and quality of care by integrating frSIP Acute into their infrastructure.


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