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Zoom.us Spreads Happiness at Zoomtopia 2017

Posted on 2017-09-28 02:40:00

On Sep.26, Deltapath was absolutely thrilled to attend “Zoomtopia 2017,” hosted by Zoom.us in San Mateo California!

As “sponsors of happiness”, Zoom lived up to their mantra not only through the programs they had, but also through the overall atmosphere of the venue (the San Mateo Convention Center). Set in a rain forest theme, attendees got the sense that they were in a tropical paradise with all of their friends and colleagues.

Immediately upon entering the venue, attendees had the option to grab free swag which reinforced that feeling of “happiness.” Everyone feels happy when they’re given free stuff! After indulging in some delicious breakfast treats, attendees found seats near the speakers stage to listen to the morning’s keynotes.

The first keynote was presented by Zoom’s CEO, Eric Yuan. He started off the event with his story of how Zoom came about and how the company’s journey to deliver happiness came to fruition. Afterward, Zoom’s President, Dave Berman, shared with us his insights regarding the trends that are driving a happier workplace. To conclude the session, Eric accompanied Michael Moritz, Zoom’s partner from Sequoia, for a fireside chat where they discuss how high growth and long-lasting companies bring happiness to the world.

It was a jam-packed day with so much to learn and plenty of great people to meet and greet. All of the sessions were loaded with relevant information that can help any organization. To name a few: New ways of viewing the world of communication and learn best practices in the industry, How video communication empowers teams to become more efficient, and Finding out the pro’s and con’s of remote work through a friendly debate.

Those who stayed to the end got the chance to see the rock band Weezer perform live! It was definitely a wonderful way to end a full and eventful day. We can’t wait to see the turnout for Zoomtopia 2018!

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