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Deltapath® VMC Maximizes Video Resources Utilization Rate and Boosts ROI

Posted on 2015-04-14 04:25:47




With the modern technology today, all types of business meetings can be conducted anytime with the aid of video-conferencing communications solutions. Ultra Active Technology Limited (UAT), an audio visual company that offers video-conference and audio visual collaboration, co-organized ‘The Future Conference Room CIO Executive Luncheon’ together with Polycom Hong Kong Limited and Deltapath Limited last month, introducing the latest conferencing technology and shared customer success cases with end users from a wide variety of industries, ranging from financial to educational institutions.

Improved accessibility maximizes utilization rate and boosts ROI

Deltapath has been providing Unified Communications (UC) Solutions for companies and enterprises worldwide for many years. At the forum, Mr. David Liu, founder and CEO of Deltapath Limited highlighted the latest Deltapath Video Mobility Controller (VMC) in his speech. VMC is capable of boosting the Return on Investment (ROI) of office video-conferencing systems, as well as maximizing its utilization rate. According to Gartner Research, it is estimated that each video-conferencing endpoint is only used on average for 45 minutes per endpoint per a 10-hour working day; whereas ideally organizations should be utilizing its video-conferencing systems on average for 2 hours per endpoint per a 10-hour working day.

Deltapath VMC connects office conferencing communications systems with any self-owned mobile device, integrating all telecommunications devices into a Unified Communications system. Deltapath VMC integrates and unifies all Polycom video-conferencing endpoints, allowing users to easily join video-conferences via their own mobile device, even when they are outside the office. VMC greatly increases the utilization rate of video-conferencing systems, as a result boosting its ROI.

To connect to a specific video-conference room, users can simply dial an extension number on their mobile device, without the need to remember IP addresses or configure firewall settings. Deltapath also provides a comprehensive firewall system that prevents network hijacking, ensuring that video-conferences are conducted over a secure network. At the same time, VMC provides a time-restricted unique access code for each individual user, further enhancing the network security.


Source: eZone (Translated from original article)


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