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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Deltapath®

Posted on 2015-08-22 06:50:48


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WebRTC Solutions news this week reaches into some avenues for learning such as WebRTC news sites, a developer lab AT&T is conducting to bring this new technology to the uninitiated, and product updates and releases from Temasys and Deltapath®.

In addition to WebRTC Solutions daily articles and week in reviews, TMC Senior Editor Peter Bernstein pointed out this week that there are always other websites and events people can attend to keep abreast of the latest industry developments. Two of those places include TMC’s own WebRTC World site and the WebRTC Conference and Expo. Regularly-updated websites are great places to get a brief overview of a day’s happenings and the developments in which companies have recently invested. Conferences, on the other hand, usually occur only once a year and therefore are great culminations of 12 months worth of industry creation.

One other place Bernstein recommends is the OpenWebRTC website. This Ericsson project has opened up WebRTC development to the world with code on GitHub, a roadmap for researchers to stay on track, and connections to the W3C Working Group for development of APIs. This can be a great place for developers who want to experiment with WebRTC outside a commercial environment and get their hands dirty with the inner workings of the protocol.

New to real-time communications? AT&T is also doing its part to educate the public with its Developer Lab classes. It recently announced that it will conduct a coding workshop on Aug. 27 in Atlanta. This program could be the perfect chance for anyone unfamiliar with WebRTC to get some real-world experience from an industry expert.

The lead architect of the AT&T Developer Program will first lead the three-hour session with application examples. Following demonstrations, participants will have the opportunity to work with the developer through a number of lab exercises. They will work with the AT&T WebRTC API which is carrier-agnostic and can lead participants directly back to other sources for their future individual research. The skills learned at the workshop should translate directly to information found at OpenWebRTC and in the TMC website and conference mentioned above.

AT&T will be teaching developers how to deal with native functionality in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Of course, those are not the only browsers on the market, but Internet Explorer and Safari do not currently handle WebRTC out of the box; they require plugins. This is where Temasys has entered with its WebRTC plugin for which it just recently announced an update. The updated plugin now works with the Jitsi Meet videoconferencing software to bring video chat and screen sharing to all users of those two browsers.

Deltapath®, a developer of communications gateways, has also announced a product release. Its frSIP® Skype for Business Gateway will allow businesses that use Skype for Business to connect to a number of videoconferencing endpoints. This includes protocols such as open SIP and legacy H.323 as well as devices such as mobile phones/tablets, Web browsers, and SIP phones. Its transcoding works to provide “any to any” connections so all initiating protocols can reach desired endpoints – including WebRTC.


Source: WebRTC Solutions.com by Casey Houser


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