Deltapath’s Growth Spurs Office Expansion In Its 10th Year Anniversary

Deltapath, an innovator in pure Session Initiated Protocol based unified communication platform and industry solutions, announced the celebration of its 10 years in business. The company’s expansion of its headquarters in Hong Kong marks the success at the company’s 10th Year Anniversary.

Hong Kong – 22 August, 2011, This expansion mirrors the continued growth of both Deltapath’s IP telephony enterprise solutions and its latest technologies, unified communications (UC) which incorporate video, voice, messaging and conferencing that change the way you communicate in business.

“What started out 10 years ago on a shoe-string budget has steadily grown into a business far exceeding anyone’s expectations,” said David Liu, CEO and Founder of Deltapath. “We are all very proud of this accomplishment and grateful to our customers and employees who helped get us here.”

Since 2001, Deltapath has evolved from a pure IP phone system provider with its flagship product, the frSIP® IP PBX in its first generation for enterprises to the frSIP® Unified Communication Core that customized for various industry solutions.

Continued Liu “Today Deltapath offers a unified communication solutions, the frSIP® UC Core that fits into the traditional communication network of desktop telephone, mobile phones, voice mail, email, fax, and the Polycom video conferencing , in making a messaging environment a truly unified business communications environment.”

Unified Communications takes enterprises basic business-based technology such as voice communications and combines that with business communications (video conferencing, video mail, conferencing bridging, messaging, mobile phone etc.).

“Unified communications changes the way you communicate, makes you and your employees more productive and efficient in your day-to-day business activities. Easily start a video conference call with a co-worker and have a question asked and answered in seconds rather than minutes by not having to walk over to their desk or another floor, exchange the usual hellos and short talk and then get to the task at hand.” Said Andy Chan, Manager – Professional Services of Deltapath.

Continued Liu, “During our 10-year life span, our focus on customer service has never wavered. By being in touch with our customer base worldwide, we have been able to anticipate their needs and grow with their business. That’s one of the major reasons why we have been so successful. We very much look forward to the next 10 years.”

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