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Deltapath Makes Collaboration a Priority with New Solution

Posted on 2016-09-29 01:45:02


By Alicia Young, TMC Net


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Deltapath, Inc., a video focused unified communications solutions provider, yesterday introduced the Deltapath Trio Connector. This is a communication gateway for Polycom RealPresence Trio that has an embedded high-definition audio conference bridge, supports wireless content sharing along with mobile collaboration, and acts as a gateway to business telephone systems.

The purpose of the Deltapath Trio Connector is to make the office into a space where everything—equipment, devices and more—is connected, ensuring seamless collaboration. Specifically, it allows all Polycom endpoints and infrastructure to connect to each other by extension number or room number, making the whole process incredibly efficient.

The Deltapath Trio Connector is designed with simplicity in mind; it includes a firewall, Session Border Controller, audio conferencing bridge, SIP proxy, call routing engine and endpoint-provisioning server all in a single device. Not only is this all-in-one device easy to use, but it also offers native support for Polycom devices in telephony, video, content sharing, mobile video conferencing and endpoint provisioning.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “My company has room-based videoconference systems in place already, and we use those as our core collaboration tool. Isn’t that enough?” Your company isn’t alone in that area—many organizations invested in similar technology practices. However, oftentimes that sort of system isn’t enough, because it is limited to that room alone. We live in a mobile society, which means that videoconferencing and connectivity cannot be restricted to a conference room.

The Deltapath Trio Connector solves this issue by enabling organizations to easily adopt the Polycom RealPresence Mobile software and Polycom RealPresence Desktop collaboration software across their mobile workforce. This helps provide easy to use face-to-face collaboration for every conversation, regardless of where participants are.

Meanwhile, where there is good connectivity, there is productivity. Deltapath’s Trio Connector, integrated with Polycom’s endpoints, boosts productivity by enabling business communications that extend across desktop, mobility and room-based settings. Not only that, but the solution has “an embedded audio conferencing bridge that enables Polycom customers to host up to 32 concurrent participants on its own audio conferencing bridge in high definition taking full advantage of the RealPresence Trio’s studio quality audio,” according to Andy Chan, Director of Solution Architecture and Professional Services at Deltapath. The ability to host 32 concurrent participants sounds a lot like productivity to me.

All in all, the goal of the solution is really just to make life easier for everyone, customers and employees alike. According to David Liu, Founder and CEO of Deltapath, “The Polycom RealPresence Trio is a lot more than just a conference phone, instead it’s a multi-function collaboration solution.  We see the potential of bringing the RealPresence Trio, using Deltapath Trio Connector, to collaborate with teams and customers on demand and in real-time, to drive up productivity, make decisions faster, and eventually build long lasting business relationships.” Collaboration is key, and it looks like this solution is working on making it as easy as possible.


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