Deltapath® Unified Communications Platform

Unifying people - anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The Deltapath® UC Platform unites enterprise communications infrastructure and communication endpoints - from room-based conference, desktop-based solutions, web conferencing and video on mobile devices - under one cross network platform.

Key Benefits

Integrate all isolated video and conferencing islands in your network to make communication ubiquitous across all platforms and tools.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

Encourage communication across your organization by supporting multiple modes of communication for your workforce.

Flexible deployment options that suite your IT strategies.

Generate Revenue & Reduce Turnaround Time

Solve your business challenges with our industry solutions.

Enjoy peace of mind with our security and compliance features.

Stay ahead of the competition by impressing your customers.

Generate Revenue & Reduce Turnaround Time Using Mobile Video

Deltapath Unified Communications Platform bridges the gap between mobile and traditional platforms. Simply pick up the phone and dial a colleague’s extension or customer number to have an instant face-to-face video call regardless of platform. Replace impersonal e-mails with face-to-face video calls for all the convenience of office collaboration – no matter where you are.

» Field technicians can talk directly to subject matter experts in the office for on-site troubleshooting.

» Sales teams can invite senior management to customer meetings for direct communication with customers.

» Remote workers can directly participate in on-site team meetings.

Solutions by Job Function

Deltapath collaboration solutions help organizations improve communications, gain workflow efficiencies, and maintain competitive advantages.

Creating process improvements often means the difference between an organization’s success and failure. Reducing hiring time, shortening time-to-market, and maximizing a sales team’s product expertise can drive down costs, increase revenues, and enhance productivity. Save tremendously from expensive conference service fees by hosting your own. Deltapath UC Platform has a built-in meet-me conference bridge to cater for your everyday conferencing needs. From distance learning, to project and vendor management, to customer service training and recruiting. Let us show you how.

Encourage Communication In A Way Your Employees Prefer

With Deltapath Unified Communications Platform, your workers can use different devices, like smartphone, IP phones and desktop, and different forms of communications, like text, voice, video, and screen sharing, to communicate and collaborate base on their preference and time of day.

» Chat with colleagues through Deltapath Mobile’s instant messaging.

» Use Deltapath Mobile’s high definition audio to join a meeting from mobile devices.

» See your colleagues’ presence to decide whether to call or instant message him.

» Pick up your desk phone and dial your colleagues’ extension to have an instant face-to-face video call regardless where they are.

Deltapath develops a suite of mobile apps and desktop clients as well as providing official support for full line of audio and video endpoints.


Unified Messaging is an important component of Unified Communications which enables you to consolidate your messages into one single channel.




IVR is a standard enterprise tool that allows you to answer all incoming calls automatically and channel them to the correct department on the very first try.

Make video and voice communication ubiquitous by seamlessly integrating your communications infrastructure

Deltapath Unified Communications Platform seamlessly integrates popular enterprise clients and systems with different protocols, codecs, and behaviors. This allows users to revitalize their networks without replacing costly equipment.

» Restful API architecture allows for easy integration with other system developers.

» Make and receive calls through Skype for Business™ and Microsoft® Office 365™

» Interoperability with common Unified Communication manufacturers such as Audiocodes®, Avaya®, Broadsoft®, Cisco®, Microsoft®, and Polycom®

Stay Ahead of Competition & Impress Your Customers

Deltapath UC Platform integrates with users’ customer relationship management clients to match incoming calls with customer data. Impress customers with a personalized response to service and support calls, skipping the traditional series of questions to identify their needs.

» Review customers’ previous transactions, account details and open cases from a screen pop-up. You can even deliver your personalized birthday greetings when you see their birthdays are coming!

» Integrate with popular business systems, such as

» Call your customers at the click of a button.

» See your customers face-to-face via video from smartphone, tablets, and web browsers to build better relationships with a real smile.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with Streamlined Infrastructure

Say goodbye to the days when telecomm systems needed a team of experts and days spent pressing mysterious keys on your console. Manage Deltapath UC Platform easily through its flexible web-based graphical interface. Using your phone is not rocket science; maintaining it shouldn’t be either.

» Save on maintenance and expert costs with an intuitive graphical interface.

» Reduce downtime and repair time.

» Manage fewer pieces of equipment and applications with our all-in-one architecture.

Solve Your Business Challenges with our Industry Solutions

Streamline your business practices and give your employees the information they need to respond to rapidly changing situations. Deltapath offers purpose-built add-on modules on top of the Deltapath Unified Communications Platform based on clients’ business needs.

» Deltapath Acute® gives nurses and doctors access to patient information, alarms, and emergency requests on any mobile device:

» Life-saving monitoring devices transmit alarms through Deltapath Acute to medical staff.

» Triggered emergency calls sent directly to doctors allow doctors to respond immediately to patient crises and help nurses initiate first aid regardless of their location.

» Patient data is transmitted directly to medical staff’s mobile devices on a single screen.

» Deltapath in-Team™ integrates with building management systems to network service staff together and rapidly distribute information:

» Secure, traceable walkie-talkie style group communication.

» Rapidly distribute alarms, service requests, and other building information.

» Track staff response times to alarms and requests.

Security and Compliance

Deltapath Unified Communications Platform helps IT security experts and legal teams ensure compliance with security and internal audit policies.

» Record all interactions on the network – video, voice and text messages.

» Monitor phone calls coming in to your hotline with real-time monitoring.

» Remove chat history and phone directories from departing employees’ devices using remote wipe down.

» Encrypt all communications, text, video, and voice with industry-standard AES encryption.

Flexible deployment options

We make the Deltapath Unified Communications Platform available in both virtualized and appliance forms to meet your organizations IT strategy.

» Virtualize your network with Deltapath Unified Communications Virtual Edition, optimized for VMware deployment, reduced complexity and total costs of ownership.

» Capitalize on the reliability and expanded functionality of purpose-built hardware using Deltapath Unified Communications Platform Appliance Edition.

Reduce employee fears, concerns, and confusion with effective business communication.

» Informing ≠ Communicating

» Listen More; Talk Less

» Convey Your Message Clearly & Instantly

» There’s no such thing as too much communication