Deltapath® Noise Cancellation Gateway

Hear and Be Heard

Companies are no longer just discussing what the right office environment is for good audio quality. Today, the discussion also focuses on how to offer good audio quality to employees who work and attend meetings outside of the office.

Equally important, companies are harnessing customer intelligence to compete and drive smarter marketing and business strategies. However, the integrity of the data collected depends on the amount of background noise experienced at the time of collection.

To help companies successfully embrace the new work trend that is redefining the workplace and customer intelligence, we have introduced the Deltapath Noise Cancellation Gateway.

Don’t Lose Customers Over
Background Noise

Customer experience is a major driving force behind a company’s revenue and it is not limited to just customer service. In fact, it is important to integrate customer experience into every area of business to prevent losing a sale or even a loyal customer over one negative experience. Not being able to hear a customer or a customer not being able to hear a company employee during a phone call can be the trigger for poor customer experience.