Learn What Deltapath’s UC Platform
Can Do For You

Unite your communication infrastructure and communication endpoints, while revolutionizing your company by taking a leap forward to meet the demands of today’s work environments.

Key Differentiators

  • Deltapath’s UC platform fully integrates Dolby Voice into its end-to-end UC solution so it extends beyond your conference calls into your everyday audio and video calls.
  • The Dolby Conference Phone is transformed into a full functioning phone that can receive inbound calls and make outbound calls.
  • Deltapath will never ask you to rip and replace your devices because Deltapath’s platform connects different brands of devices together to create an ecosystem of devices that interoperate with one another. That means your Dolby Voice Conference Phone can call your Cisco endpoint, Avaya endpoint, and many other endpoints. You can even call Skype for Business users directly from a Dolby Conference Phone. Deltapath’s UC platform makes it that simple.
  • Dolby Voice is included with Deltapath Mobile, our mobile application. Experience crystal clear audio, the highest class of noise cancellation, surround sound, and natural flowing conversation when you call another Deltapath Mobile extension or a Dolby Conference Phone.
  • Companies are moving away from large meeting rooms for smaller huddle rooms. Some huddle rooms do not have an endpoint. With Deltapath Mobile, you can place your phone on speaker mode and turn your phone into a conferencing device. Dolby Voice suppresses the typical echo you get in speaker mode and auto-adjusts to everyone’s voice so no one needs to shout into their smartphone just to be heard. With Deltapath Mobile, you can also doing the following:
    • Send text messages, videos and images
    • Forward your calls
    • Pickup calls for your colleagues while they are away
    • Enjoy audio calls or turn on video for a more interactive conversation.
    • With one press of the button, you can invite and initiate an audio conference call and control participant right from your app
    • Plus – when someone calls your work extension, all your smart devices will ring ensuring you never miss a call again.

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