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The Coronavirus has affected thousands of people across the world. Healthcare facilities are grappling with how to provide the best quality of care to Coronavirus patients as demands increase because of the outbreak.

The Deltapath Acute app leverages technology and mobile phones to help healthcare facilities scale seamlessly to adapt to unexpected critical events like the Coronavirus. Since healthcare professionals do not know all the factors surrounding Covid-19, regular communication and the sharing of information, best practices, and strategies within a medical facility and the entire medical community is critical. Here is how Acute can help:

  • Dolby Voice Technology
    • Provides crystal clear audio and noise cancellation technology for times when information sharing is critical
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Your Communication
    • Use Push-to-Talk to engage in instantaneous voice communication with a group of healthcare professionals in emergencies.
    • Improve communication and comprehension by holding video calls
    • Hold regular briefings and debriefings on an audio conference bridge with staff and other healthcare professionals in different geographical locations
    • Conduct audio conference calls between a patient, healthcare worker, and translator as needed
    • Encryption enforced on every communication channel.

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Deltapath Provides Free Access To Acute In Response To Coronavirus

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 17, 2020 — Deltapath, a leading cloud-based communication provider today announced it will be making Acute the company’s HIPAA Compliant healthcare technology app available to the global healthcare community for free. The decision was made in response to the March 15, 2020, CDC issued updated infection control guidance for healthcare settings impacted by COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel (new) coronavirus.

Through Acute, providers have different modes of communication to facilitate the sharing of information, best practices, and strategies among healthcare professionals. For instance, healthcare professionals are able to answer calls from their colleagues and deploy immediate action in the critical moments that directly impact a patient’s outcome right from their mobile device.

“We knew we had to make the decision to do whatever it would take to make this technology readily available at no cost because communication and collaboration are key in stopping this outbreak. I hope that by doing so our healthcare providers will be better equipped to work with others, learn from others, and respond to the overwhelming demand caused by COVID-19,” explains David Liu, founder and CEO of Deltapath.

Deltapath will also provide communication access through its conferencing platform that comes equipped with Dolby Voice to allow providers to communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals remotely. The conferencing bridge supports daily briefing and debriefing calls and translators can be invited to participate to assist non-English speaking patients. Additionally, in an emergency, healthcare professionals can use Push-to-Talk. This feature allows caregivers to engage in instantaneous voice communication with a group of other caregivers with the push of a button.

Encryption is enforced on every communication channel with Acute. Plus, the service can be activated and running within 1 business day. Providers that are interested in deploying the Deltapath Acute solution should register using the link below: 

Finally, Deltapath encourages healthcare professionals and their patients to follow instructions from state and local health departments and stay abreast of the latest guidelines and updates issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) websites regarding developments concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Deltapath Inc.

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies that meet the needs and the wants of organizations. The company specializes in solutions that unite various communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive. Deltapath believes that every solution should embody simplicity and offer users the right form of communication for the right occasion, right at their fingertips. For more information about Deltapath and to learn how we can help you reach your goals, please visit and follow us on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter.

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Deltapath’s Acute solution sparked quite a lot of interest on Feb.14th at the SYNNEX ICT Expo held at the Shibuya Hikarie venue. The crowd in front of our booth within the Healthcare Solution zone continued to grow as we demonstrated our Acute hospital communication system.

Our Founder and CEO, David Liu, as well as our Country Manager for Japan, Tom Okuda, presented our Deltapath Acute solution and showed how it’s revolutionizing communication in the healthcare industry by integrating with Carecom’s nurse calling system along with LEAD’s panic value alert system.

Out of 6 presentations that were shown during the event (two of them being Microsoft and Google), 87% of the audience gave us an excellent presentation score which meant that Deltapath’s presentation was rated as number one! We are humbled and appreciative to our audience for their votes. We are also pleased that President and CEO of SYNNEX Infotec, TJ Trojan, took the time to meet up with us during the show

Below are some photos taken during the event.