Enhanced 911

With the popularity of mobility in Unified Communications, emergency departments can be called by emergency numbers such as 911 and 999 from any mobile device connected to your unified communications network.  Traditionally, emergency response personnel relied on the installation address of the telephone circuits to locate the caller’s location.  However, with mobility solutions for emergency, it is possible that your employees to use the office telephone circuits without being physically present in the office.

Enhanced 911 (E911) is designed to assist emergency response team such as the 911 Police Dispatch to locate your users accurately through involving your onsite campus security officer into the emergency call.  E911 is a standard feature in frSIP® that automatically joins a member of your security operation centre into a conference with the 911 Police Dispatch and the employee who dialed 911. The entire call conversation will be recorded and your security team will be able to assist 911 Police Dispatch to locate the user and provide immediate front line assistance.