Video places people at the center of the collaboration experience. It empowers them to work together in new ways to transform business accelerate innovation and do more with less. It’s next-generation interaction where everyone everywhere can be face-to-face and more effective.

As video communication becomes the standard in UC, you can extend frSIP’s video capabilities by adding the Polycom® RMX real-time media conferencing platform into the frSIP® UC Core. With Polycom® RMX, you will be able to enjoy multipoint video conferencing as well as content sharing from your desktop and tablets.
Benefits of Polycom® RMX

  • High definition video, audio and desktop content
  • Reduce carbon footprint and significant travel cost
  • Quicker turnout time for decision-making with instant video communications
  • Native integration with Deltapath® frSIP® UC Platform allowing one touch video conferencing

The Polycom® RMX comes in different sizes from RMX 1000 to 4000. Choose one that suites your needs and enjoy video conferencing from your finger tips!