Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller

Single platform, seamlessly integrating and unifying Polycom video endpoints

Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller warrants users within and beyond the firewall to securely access video services – whether at home, in the office or on the go. It securely routes communications, management and content through firewalls without requiring additional client hardware, software or firewall configurations.

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SIP Proxy for Polycom Video Endpoints

Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller is a single platform that greatly enhances the management of Polycom collaboration devices and conferencing systems for IT managers. It integrates and unifies all Polycom video devices, routes users to conference room from the remote location, authenticate and authorize users for services, implement provider call-routing policies, and seamlessly provide features to all Polycom users anytime, anywhere, on any device.

IT managers need not to worry changing the existing With the auto-provisioning feature for Polycom® SoundPoint® IP, VVX Business Media phones, Realpresence Desktop, and Realpresence Mobile, all devices can be activated and managed through the central web interface of Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller. All provisioning data are encrypted and delivered securely to the endpoints, protecting your infrastructure from hackers trying to steal account passwords.

“Work is more interconnected than ever before.
Deltapath Solutions: Better Collaboration, Nicer Business.”

Secured Video Collaboration

All networks are vulnerable to external threats – viruses, Security is required for any Internet communication that crosses the network border -B2B/B2C, remote users, guest users. Organizations need to break outside their isolated video islands to benefit from Unified Communications. Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller provides firewall traversal which is a key component to enabling video collaboration across your organization and the outside world without compromising on security. By enabling your employees and guest users to dial into a videoconference from home, at the airport, or from virtually anywhere, your teams will be able to interact more effectively and efficiently over video.

With Deltapath® Video Mobility Controller, you can offer a secure and easy route for users to connect from virtually any location and device, providing support for business-to-business and intra-company collaboration.

Key Benefits


Reliability and Availability


Easy connectivity

Secure Scalability for Mobile Deployments

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