Industry-leading expertise to design, implement, optimize, and support for your communication network infrastructures

Deltapath End-to-End Project Implementation Service

From assessment and system design to deployment and training, Deltapath’s professional services team ensures your frSIP® Unified Communications system a smooth rollout and fully utilized to suite your business needs.

Our professional services team will walk you through the following phases:

System Design

Having a sound design is another crucial element to the success of V2oIP deployment. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Deltapath can work with your IT team and business units to come out with a design that brings out the best of the system and supporting your organization needs. Some of the highlights items that will be covered during this phase includes:

  • Perform least cost routing to enjoy cost savings by eliminating or reduce long distance charges.
  • Dial Plan planning to enable prefixless universal dialing plan across your organization.
  • Complex routing rules including auto fail over to PSTN in the event of network outages.
  • Configure routing for emergency calls to ensure users sharing in different geographical locations on the same system gets routed to the correct emergency dispatch centre.
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Redundancy options, such as IP take over or geographical cluster
  • Capacity planning
User and Administrator Training

A certified Deltapath engineer will host training sessions for your IT team as well as your users. Each training can be custom to your organization’s environment. Feel free to work with your project contact to suggest topics and methods. We emphasize hands-on training and will require a setup of phones and computers to demonstrate the capabilities of the system to the users.

  • User Training will cover topics such as:
    • Phone operations such as call transfer, call forward, conference, call waiting, phone book
    • Switchboard operations such as call control, click to dial, click to conference, meet-me conference bridge, voice/video mail, phone books and speed dials
    • Soft client operations on desktop and smartphones
  • Administrator Training will cover topics such as:
    • Architecture and connection overview
    • Administration concepts
    • Features utilized
    • Adds/Moves/Changes
    • Troubleshooting Tips
    • Common Problems
Network Assessment and Planning

A well-performed network is crucial to the success of any V2oIP (video and voice) deployment. Deltapath’s engineer will perform network assessments and offer advice on network planning, from cabling to VLAN and QoS configuration. Typical checkpoints include:

  • Cabling meets CAT 5e standard
  • POE Switches
  • Either physically separated network or logically partitioned network for voice and video endpoints.
  • Analyze latency, bandwidth, firewall configuration, QoS parameters to ensure infrastructure supports V2oIP.
  • Ensure the network has the capacity to support V2oIP with minimal delay, loss, and jitter to ensure near CD-quality High Definition voice over IP.
On Site Installation
A certified Deltapath engineer will work with your team for physical installation as well as configuration base on the agreed system design. Your team can enjoy the piece of mind with direct access to our engineers. You will also receive a complimentary 1-day on site standby service to ensure you get immediate response to any problems or questions raised from the users on your first business day after the system goes live.