Call Billing

Deltapath’s frSIP® Call Billing module is a multi-purpose accounting and billing solution for enterprises and phone service resellers. Serviced offices, hotels, and any enterprises who resell phone services to its customers will benefit from this module’s flexibility in billing. Besides the regular call charges and statement reporting, you may offer different tariff plans and offering different service qualities for different types of customers.

In enterprises where cost accounting and auditing are vital, frSIP® Call Billing can enable department managers to account and monitor phone usage of its subordinates as well as enabling the company to charge the phone bill to each department accurately. Each department manager can generate a detail statement providing an overview of phone usage for each employee as well as a detailed view of the actual destination, duration, and time. In addition, the system offers flexibility to selectively-required certain extensions to enter the user’s password before connecting the call, preventing toll fraud or unauthorized usage.

Whether you simply want to conduct internal cost accounting, least cost routing, or to offer a phone service to customers, this module will perform them all.