In today’s hyper-connected world, businesses need to excel at communications and collaboration – or risk missing out on potential growth opportunities and falling behind their competition. Unified communications (UC) solutions allow organizations to improve collaboration while enhancing worker productivity and customer service. These solutions provide effective ways for people to keep in touch, regardless of their location or communications device. Cloud computing is one of the most efficient delivery models for UC. 

Deltapath Unified Communications in the Cloud

Deltapath® Unified Communications in the Cloud is a comprehensive, converged IP communications system of data, voice, video, instant messaging and mobility applications.  It enables more effective and secure personal communications that directly affect both sales and profitability.  Deltapath Unified Communications Cloud Services give businesses of all sizes, education institutions, and non profit organisations the benefits of a converged IP communications network without them having to own, manage, or maintain a Deltapath Unified Communications System.

Besides offering the advantages of an outsourced IP communications environment Deltapath Hosted Unified Communications Services can help businesses and agencies enjoy a rich voice video and Web experience complete with business-ready features. Whether you run a contact center or an HR agency, you will find a UC cloud offering that is suitable for you.

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