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BYOD is a Key Driver in Unified Communications Adoption

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device – a phrase that came about with the consumerization of IT to refer to employees who bring their own computing devices – such as smartphones, laptops and PDAs – to the workplace for use and connectivity on the corporate network.

According to a 2011 study by the Aberdeen Group, 46% of businesses felt a need to improve BYOD in unified communications adoptions enterprise collaboration. Companies that adopted a Unified Communications (UC) strategy accelerated product development, improved sales results and increased lead generation by working together on a cross departmental basis.

Mobile and smart devices are the interfaces of choice by most users. It provides mobile access and is usually with users 24/7, delivering real time access to not just content but real-time collaboration with customers, co-workers and partners. The ubiquitous access of smartphones drives ease of use and access to real-time collaboration eliminating the barrier of complexity and costs.

BYOD made possible with Deltapath frSIP® Mobile

95% of enterprises currently have employees using self-purchased technology and pair them up with their own office extensions at work.   Whenever a business-related call comes in it will simultaneously ring the smartphone/tablet without any additional cost.

The mobile smart device will be the driver that delivers the long awaited promise of Unified communications and collaboration and with the rapid adoption of BYOD it will make the delivery across an enterprise even more cost effective.  Companies will save tremendously on equipment cost and maintenance. They will also be able to retain control of phone numbers in case if employees leave the company.

Bring Your Own Device is gaining popularity in the Unified Communications space; bringing cost savings and convenience to both companies and employees. You can enjoy unlimited free video and voice calling and conferencing by offering your employees to bring their own devices so they can work and communicate anytime anywhere.

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