frSIP® UC Enterprise Cloud

Everything You Need to Operate Your Business

What Is It?

Run your entire business on frSIP UC Enterprise Cloud. Our easy to use, all up solution gets organizations and their staff connected. frSIP UC Enterprise Cloud offers a powerful list of features including mobility, enterprise telephony, unified messaging, and audio and video conferencing. We also offer industry specific integrations like Contact Center – inbound and outbound, Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), and Salesforce to help you grow and optimize your business.

Our enterprise class telephony system provides each frSIP UC Enterprise Cloud user with their own phone number so users can receive inbound calls and make outbound calls. frSIP UC Enterprise Cloud can provide a telephone number for over 100 countries along with advanced telephony features so users are equipped with everything they need to effectively communicate and collaborate with suppliers, customers, prospects, and co-workers.

How Does It Work?

frSIP UC Enterprise Cloud unites different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive. frSIP UC Enterprise Cloud also delivers a suite of tools that can be accessed from a browser or desktop that enables your organization to move to the next business level and it allows employees to work at their full potential by placing everything they need at their fingertips.

Cloud privately hosted on your network is available for organizations that want to bring their own PSTN over. If you are not carrying over your PSTN, consider having us manage your entire IT solution in the cloud.

What Are the Benefits?

1. To protect your investments, we support industry brand name endpoints.

2. Our mobility solutions help you stay connected and productive no matter where you are located. To ensure collaboration is a success every time, we offer Dolby Voice, which delivers high quality innovative audio solutions:

  • Our powerful noise cancelling technology ensures background noise never disrupts your conversation.
  • During an audio conference call, speakers’ voices are projected from different locations over the conference device. As a result, voices never overlap or become muffled even when multiple people are speaking at the same time.
  • Enjoy crystal clear communication

3. More than a phone system as you can leverage our APIs to integrate with your business applications.

4. Access an entire suite of tools from a desktop or browser. Lookup contacts, make calls, transfer calls, schedule meetings, manage your settings, run reports, and much more. Everything is at your fingertips.

5. Enjoy a robust experience with the integration of Salesforce:

  • When your phone rings, you receive real-time information on your computer screen about your callers, their account information, and sales opportunities.
  • Assigned sales tasks are displayed when users sign into their accounts so they can immediately start making sales calls.
  • Build loyal customers by staying a step ahead and by offering great customer service. Know your customers’ names, their birth date, and the products they are interested in before you answer the phone.

6. Communicate and collaborate internally and externally using our built-in video and audio conferencing platform.

7. Use Virtual Meeting, an easy to use collaboration solution, which puts you in the driver’s seat where you decide how you want to communicate. Invite participants to meet in a private audio conference room, public conference room with video capability, Ad Hoc audio conference room which is dynamically created whenever you need to hold a conference last minute, or a Skype for Business Video gateway virtual conference room.

8. Our contact center solution not only offers a self-service IVR, queues that channel callers to the right people, advanced reporting analytics, and agent dashboards that come equipped with questionnaires and contact information so agents are prepared for success, but also save you money and help with customer acquisition and retention.

9. Call recording is a vital component for most businesses. Use recordings to meet service quality goals, build training programs, uncover trends, and manage compliance and corporate liability.

frSIP UC Cloud Enterprise

Essential Features

 Supports a wide variety of SIP endpoints
 All-In-One mobility app for video/voice/instant messaging and central directories
Advanced IP Telephony features
✓ PSTN and Third-Party PBX integration
✓ Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)
✓ Guest-Access scheduling tool to your conference or extension.
✓ Integration
Built-in video and audio conferencing bridge
✓ Enterprise Instant Messaging & Group Chat
✓ Browser or desktop access to an abundance of tools on frSIP switchboard, including

  • Instant Messaging
  • Video & Voicemail
  • On Demand Recording & Call Recordings
  • Phonebooks & Speed dials
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Call Control and Management
  • Outbound Faxing
  • Audio conference control
  • Virtual Meeting
  • Caller Information Display from
✓ Full Encryption and Security across the entire service

Supercharge With Booster Features

✓ Inbound Contact Center with Intelligent IVR
✓ Outbound Contact Center
✓ Enterprise Call Recording
✓ Fax to E-mail
✓ Litigation hold on all instant messages