inTeam Cloud

Experience the Power of Simple

What Is It?

inTeam Cloud is the next generation all-in-one communication application with Push-to-Talk that is built to deliver impact across multiple industries and to breakdown the communication and collaboration barriers that confront the ever-changing landscape of the workplace.

How Does It Work?

inTeam uses the broadband devices your employees already own and the networks you already have in place, which makes implementation effortless.

Companies that have a high volume of users and service a closed campus environment benefit from a privately hosted cloud solution, which eliminates bandwidth limitations. On-the-other-hand, if you are interested in centralizing communication and do not want to manage a new IT infrastructure project or you do not want to manage on-premise software applications, then Deltapath can manage everything in the cloud for you so you can focus on your business goals.

Who Does It Benefit?

inTeam has something for everyone and every situation. It also does not have any geographical limitations so it can be used anywhere. inTeam delivers the following features at your fingertip:

Engage Push-To-Talk with one-touch to initiate instant voice communication between you and another person or a group of people.

Participate in a traditional audio call.

Initiate an audio conference call, invite participants, and even control a participant’s level of involvement in a conference directly from your phone:

  • Allow a participant to listen and speak during a conference
  • Allow a participant to only speak during a conference
  • Allow a participant to only listen during a conference
  • Grant participants administrator privileges
  • Mute, unmute, and eject participants if you are the conference host

Extend communication and collaboration with video calls when audio calls are not enough.

Stay in touch with your colleagues with text messaging and extend your communication with photos, videos, and file attachments.

Discover Push-To-Talk

Unlike traditional walkie-talkies that offer two-way communication, inTeam’s Push-To-Talk connects you to a group of people with just one-touch, which makes it the ideal communication vehicle in time-sensitive and critical situations because you are connected in real-time. You never have to schedule a meeting, reserve a room, or wait for participants to join the conversation.

With Push-To-Talk integrated with inTeam, companies no longer need to invest in portable handheld two-way radios. Employees don’t have to carry multiple devices, plus they benefit from an upgraded experience where there is no range limitations and no geographical boundaries. Push-To-Talk can be used any place at any time. Plus, you can control who hears the information you broadcast by assigning inTeam users to Groups.

Workflow Integration

inTeam can help organizations keep their workforce more engaged, aligned, and better positioned to quickly respond to anything with incident and alarm notifications.

The notifications can communicate anything – an event unfolding, what needs to get accomplished — which ensures information is never missed, information is never misunderstood, and information is never ignored because an alarm plays and replays until someone acknowledges it and takes responsibility to resolve the issue. Simply integrate with a third-party system that uses REST API to receive and relay critical information. You can also track response time for each person, measure performance, recognize coaching opportunities, and improve the process.

inTeam Cloud

Essential Features

✓ Supports Apple iOS, Google Android, 3G/LTE
✓ Bundled with Push-to-Talk, Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, and Conference Calls
✓ Setup Push-to-Talk Groups to control who is part of the conversation.
✓ Access to a comprehensive Push-to-Talk Report, which identifies caller, talk group, date and time of the communication
✓ Capture conversations with Push-to-Talk Recordings
View call history and incident and alarm history
Encryption enforced on every communication channel

Supercharge With Booster Features

✓ Enterprise Call Recording on all video and voice calls
✓ Litigation hold on all instant messages
✓ Alarm Relay and Incident Dispatch System

  • Customize who receives a notification
  • Determine alarm or incident recurrence pattern, interval between each recurrence, length of time alert is played
  • Response log and Event logs