Skype for Business Cloud Bridge

Witness the Next Level in Communication

What Is It?

Skype for Business Cloud Bridge is a solution that

• Addresses the demand for additional communication modes

• Allows organizations with their own audio conference bridge to experience improved productivity, global reach, and cost-savings

• Ensures an organization’s telephone infrastructure investment is protected and remains a significant part of their daily business operations.

How Does It Work?

We bridge your PSTN services to Skype for Business (SFB) online. Skype for Business Cloud Bridge interfaces with your organization’s existing PBX services such as Cisco and Avaya. Incoming and outgoing PSTN calls are channeled through your third-party UC platform to Skype for Business Online. To protect your video conference investment, Skype for Business Cloud Bridge transcodes and translates open standard SIP video to Microsoft Skype for Business, enabling virtually any enterprise videoconferencing endpoint to communicate with a SFB user or meeting.

If you have your own MPLS and want to take advantage of low network latency, consider a cloud solution privately hosted on your network. Otherwise, host your entire business in the cloud.

Who Does It Benefit?

With PSTN and PBX integrated with Skype for Business, organizations get to witness for the first time their legacy telephone systems and desk phones connect to SFB. Users on-the-other-hand get to experience the full potential of SFB and a new way of communicating.

Here’s how you benefit with Skype for Business Cloud Bridge:

1. Receive incoming PSTN calls on your office desk phone and on multiple platforms and devices with SFB client.

2. Simultaneous ringing on your desk phone and every device with an SFB client, ensures you deliver the highest level of service to customers, partners, and suppliers because you will never miss a call again just because you were away from your desk.

3. Make outbound PSTN calls right from your SFB client.

4. Dial a co-worker’s internal extension from your SFB client.

5. Employees who use SFB client on their personal devices will never have their personal Caller ID exposed. The Caller ID always displays the employee’s business phone number.

6. SFB users can seamlessly join your audio conference meeting from anywhere in the world and on any device.

7. Organizations enjoy large toll and line rental savings. When participants use SFB client to join a meeting, the number of participants using a toll-free number and PSTN to join the meeting is greatly reduced.

Skype for Business Cloud Bridge

Essential Features

✓ Connect your business phone lines to your Skype for Business Online tenancy
✓ Simultaneously ring incoming PSTN calls to your desk phone and SFB client; cutting down or eliminating missed calls
✓ Call co-worker’s internal extensions directly from your SFB client
✓ Initiate a PSTN outbound call directly from a SFB client
✓ Initiate a video call and collaborate with SFB users using any SIP video endpoint of your choice.

Supercharge With Booster Features

✓ PSTN audio conferencing bridge for Skype for Business meetings