The Challenges

With the popularity of e-banking, one of the biggest challenges facing banks today is not how to automate tasks and shorten the queues at the teller. In fact, the biggest challenge is the lack of opportunities to interact and build relationships with its customers because they always interact with a machine, ATM, e-Banking, phone banking, and mobile banking. How do you add the human element into your service, build loyalty, and create an opportunity to sell products to your customers?

With an expansive coverage of retail branches, how do you standardise the customer experience and promote your products across hundreds and thousands of branches. Does it make economical sense to have an investment product expert to be a resident at every branch, including those low traffic ones?

How can you utilise your ATM network and turn them into potential live service terminals? How can you utilise your e-banking web portal and enable your customers to see your investment experts eye-to-eye?

At The Branch

Retail branches have traditionally been a channel for banks to provide personalized services to their customers and a point of transaction to meet customer banking needs.  Today based on increasing competition among banks, customers expect their needs to be met in real-time with the best possible service.  As more banks and credit units close branches to trim costs, financial institutions are turning to interactive teller machines.

Changing consumer behavior that demands faster and better service coupled with a branch’s business goals of increasing revenue and reducing costs is driving the industry to adopt emerging technologies to stay ahead of its competition. One such emerging technology is Unified Communications and Collaboration that enables access to resources anytime anywhere and on any device through rich multi-media.

Deltapath Virtual Banker Solutions

Using Unified Communications (UC) technology coupled with an intelligent banking business rules engine, the Deltapath Banking solution can help banks address the broader information challenge.

Remote Branch Communications
Enhance branch collaboration and increase customer satisfaction with Deltapath video collaboration solutions.

Responsive Customer Service
To meet the customer needs the first time every time by providing real-time and on-demand services whenever and wherever they request it.

Limited Resources Optimization
Ensure the availability of limited advisors and specialists by leveraging a sophisticated business rules engine while maximizing their productivity.

Video Trading/Morning Call
Speed decision making and increase productivity with Deltapath video collaboration solutions.

Multi-Party Communication
Bring additional experts and relationship managers into a conference in real-time by video or voice .

Customer Relationship Management Integration
Integrate the CRM application into the conference to give virtual advisors access to customer information for the current transaction as well as to up-sell and cross-sell. As a result banks can provide effective service through a rich contextual and analytical view to the financial advisors and the customer.