Deltapath in education

Deltapath unified communications technologies help educators administrators and staff streamline communications regardless of medium platform device or location. Users can stay in touch and get work done wherever they are using whichever device is most convenient.

Scalability: Dealing with multiple campuses or buildings? Managing legacy systems in the midst of changing demographics or significant growth? Deltapath helps ensure your system expands to support your needs as budget and resources permit
and without demanding a costly infrastructure overhaul.

High availability and reliability: When parents teachers students and staff need to share vital or even safety-related information Deltapath answers the call for reliable uptime around the clock—while maintaining superior features and voice quality.

Ease of use and management: Deltapath provides effortless intuitive communications for all users—from administrators to students—eliminating IT complexity and the need for extra training or niche skills.

Deltapath Educational Solutions

Educational institutions are facing major challenges creating environments which help their students teachers and staff to enhance their performance while decreasing cost and improving administrative efficiency. Benefits for educational institutions are:

  • Decreased costs by reducing administration complexity of campus communications network and taking advantage of multiple services over one network
  • Improve organizational processes and enhance student satisfaction by deploying new services and integrating campus databases into the communications system
  • Improving administrative efficiency by integrating campus databases and directories into the frSIP Unified Communication Platform
  • Building control systems are combined with the frSIP unified communications network to have one common control and communications infrastructure
  • Improving campus security and helping ensure safe environments with surveillance on IP phones
  • Improve communications for teachers students and parents by offering messaging on IP phones and immediate conference services
  • School communications through zone paging and public announcement systems
  • Helps increase security. Deltapath frSIP unified communications solutions use encryption technologies to help make sure instant messaging email and VoIP messages remain secure and to help provide compliance across all communications.