Deltapath® frSIP® Government Solutions

Deltapath® Government Solutions empower the government sector in delivering high quality public services for citizens.  The Solutions support the government sector in providing a wide range of services, with a focus on emergency response and management.  Featuring mobility, Deltapath® Solutions support mobile video conferencing and can be accessed from anywhere via 4G/LTE/Satellite connection.  The Solutions drive operational efficiencies through first call resolution, allowing authorities to anticipate and resolve incidents through social media tracking; while seamless integration is also delivered with command and control systems and location services.

Deliver Vital Information Efficiently and Reliably

Availability is critical. Deltapath® frSIP® Government Solutions support synchronization between command and control teams whenever necessary.  Central command communications are powered by a mixture of room-based and mobile-based video conferencing equipment.  With a platform that allows efficient and effective information exchange, first-line responders can exchange vital information with command centre, other responders and respective subject matter experts in times of emergencies.  At the same time, command centre staff can utilize remote eyes and ears to observe, assess and monitor various on-site scenarios.


Remotely Prioritize Wounded Victims on Scene

Effective management of medical emergencies often begins with strategic prioritization of wounded patients using the least amount of time.  Deltapath® frSIP® Government Solutions enable remote triage, allowing doctors in hospitals to remotely prioritize the wounded on scene, saving time and smoothing rescue processes.  With high-definition cameras and capabilities to project all conferencing parties on to the wall-board display; expertise of doctors, nurses and other medical staff can be shared and instantly available to any location.  Rescue teams are equipped to manage priorities and reduce response time in evolving medical situations that change around the clock.

Make Better Decisions with Accurate Data

Prepare for the unexpected.  When emergencies strike, you want to be well equipped to respond rapidly and precisely.  Deltapath® frSIP® Government Solutions enable a mobile video conferencing platform for operation teams to conduct efficient and effective emergency management.  With much tighter communications among different teams, commanders are supplied with more accurate data to make better decisions.  Deltapath® solutions feature simplicity and mobility, first-line responders and experts at remote locations can easily use smartphone or tablets of their choice to interact with operation and command centres.


Key Features and Applications

Deltapath® Siren Response can simultaneously or sequentially alert and inform your first responders – via phone or text messaging – in virtually any scenario:

  • Notify police, hospitals, schools, media etc. concurrently
  • Initiate targeted evacuation at manufacturing sites and buildings
  • Interchange details and alerts between headquarters and branch offices
  • Marshal emergency personnel in fire departments
  • Connect calls to care team staff via smartphones – alongside paging systems and callback to patient rooms
  • Conduct emergency calls and locate casualties, in combination with nurse-call systems
  • Live video feed to command centre

Vital information is distributed fast and reliably.  Staff are now more mobile, and more ready for urgent actions when needed.  And when demand peaks or the unexpected happens, cloud-based frSIP® UC Solutions for Government equip agencies with the agility, scalability and flexibility to respond to every call with continued availability, security and effectiveness.