Putting your patients first

Deltapath® healthcare is much more than technology.  Our solutions enable you to put your patients first by implementing a secure, flexible and easy-to-use communications infrastructure that speeds up emergency notification processes, ensuring that your patients receive the appropriate medical treatments they need in a timely manner.

Nurse-Call System – Supporting speedy communications in an emergency

In an industry with people’s lives involved, every second matters.  Physicians and nurses are always on their feet roaming around the facility.  Mobility is the key when the clock is ticking.  Deltapath® frSIP® Acute complements traditional nurse call systems to support complete mobility in hospital communications.  Nurses on-duty will be able to see important data such as purpose of the call, patient’s name, bed number, and name of responsible physician on their mobile device whenever a patient presses the nurse call button in bed. In the event of an emergency, the nurse can press the emergency button and frSIP® Acute will trigger a call to the physicians on-duty; pushing the patient’s data to the physicians’ mobile devices and overriding any calls in progress with an emergency alert tone until the call is answered by one of the physicians. In addition, the physician will be able to communicate instantly with the nurse on-scene.

Deltapath® frSIP® Acute –  Consolidating all applications to a single mobile device

Various medical equipment vendors are now offering mobility on popular smartphones and tablets. Within a single device, physicians and nurses will have access to lab results, status feed from monitoring equipment, radiology reports and patient data. Deltapath® frSIP® Acute integrates with industry renowned nurse call systems, enabling physicians and nurses to communicate with patients effectively using their preferred mobile devices. Hospitals no longer need to invest in traditional DECT phone systems and staff no longer need to carry multiple communication devices around. Consolidate all forms of communications inside the hospital on any single mobile device.


Keep all of the physicians, and other selected medical staffs, connected 24×7 from any location.

Emergencies Only

Allow doctors on-call to safely ignore ordinary phone calls and be waken up only by emergency calls in the middle of the night.

Any Location

Medical staff no longer need to look up a physician’s contact number. Simply dial the physician’s extension and frSIP® Acute will automatically locate the physician no matter what device he/she is using.

Instant Group Alerts and Conferencing Features

In an emergency, time is too tight to call all medical staff on-duty one by one. An instant one-to-many call directs the video call to a team of professionals, enabling the nurse or physician on-scene to call and conference with a specific group of medical staff simultaneously.