Deltapath’s vision of UC is to build business logic on top of a unified communication platform that allows more efficient and unified communication across the entire enterprise.

Logistics companies definitely stand by a process-oriented methodology.  Everyone and every detail must be aligned and on the same page especially with communication.  With that in mind, Deltapath can provide customized unified collaboration solutions for your organization.

The Solution – Deltapath’s Logistics Program

Improving operational efficiency
It’s hard to run your business efficiently on an IT and communications network that’s not fully integrated. We can help you improve your infrastructure and make it simple to stay in touch through frSIP® unified communications – no matter how complex your network is right now.

Reduce Cost
Truly unlimited free international calls
Free VoIP calls to ships at sea, replacing expensive satellite phones

Power Your Operations
In the logistic world, the clock never stops. Whether it is your operation centre managing your fleet or the sales team who needs to give instant quotes to customers round-the-clock, you will appreciate our call distribution capabilities to ensure your calls are never missed. Enable your compliance and quality assurance officers to easily monitor agents’ performance and retrieve call recordings for evaluation.

Enhanced Collaboration
frSIP® is part of the overall Unified Communications products and services providing a platform that connects people with a rich collaborative experience.  In a single client frSIP provides an unyielding presence instant messaging voice and video Meet-Me Conferencing/Web conferencing

Connecting All Your Mobile Workers In The FieldYou have a large number of workers in the field and you need them to stay connected and communication and collaborate with their co-workers regardless where they are. Deltapath’s frSIP Mobile enables remote workers to securely and reliably access phone directories, customer data stored on, and make and receive calls as if they are in the office. Our built-in security provides exceptional safety through encryption and authentication technologies that protect data in transit from unauthorized access and attacks.

Our mobility solution also provides end-users with a Unified Communications experience across mainstream mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Replacing or complimenting your desk phone. frSIP Mobile allows you to make Voice and Video calls over IP, see when your contacts’ presence, and send Instant Messages and transfer files with securely and easily.