Building Efficiencies. Growing Economy.

Manufacturing is entering a dynamic new phase. As a new global consuming class emerges in developing nations, and innovations spark additional demand, global manufacturers will have substantial new opportunities.  The sector is also evolving in ways that make the traditional view—that manufacturing and services are completely separate and fundamentally different sectors—outdated. Service inputs (everything from logistics to advertising) make up an increasing amount of manufacturing activity.  In some manufacturing industries, more than half of all employees work in service roles, such as R&D engineers and office-support staff.

Deltapath is helping manufacturers succeed with technology solutions that connect them to the real-time informational communications they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely.  So manufacturers can keep doing what will always stand them apart: Building Efficiency. Growing Economies.

Deltapath Unified Communications technologies use the innovation of unified communications to help streamline connections and collaboration between people and organizations, regardless of medium, platform, device, or location.

Our manufacturing solutions include:

  • Video-enabled communication applications that improve collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers
  • Improved customer service that combines automated voice response with live help that reduces costs and delivers a superior customer experience
  • Anywhere, anytime access that helps resolve plant floor issues faster, no matter where or when they occur
  • Firewalls, intrusion detection and virus scanning across your network, so information is secure and protected
  • Professional services that maximize your investment, so you can devote your time and energy to competing in the global marketplace