Property Management

Managing your properties can be a challenge when communication tools are outdated and not integrated with your property management systems. Deciding who to dispatch and tracking response times can be difficult when typically building management rely solely on walkie-talkies.

Deltapath enables building management teams to easily communicate through a mobile app installed on every personnel’s smartphone. Whether it is pushing an alarm to the duty officers or allowing building management personnel to communicate with the entire team in a walkie-talkie like experience, Deltapath’s inteam solution can help your mobile workforce to communicate and work more efficiently.

inteam Property Management Solution

Dispatcher – Through our RESTFUL API, your building management system may easily send alarms or work orders to the frSIP Dispatcher which then relays all of the relevant personnel through the frSIP inteam mobile app.  Each personnel may choose to accept the job or reject at their disposal.  All events are logged and analytics on response time can be produced.