Deltapath® Retail and Wholesale Solutions

“Through faster and more accurate communications, we make better business decisions and achieve higher profitability,”  Mr. Lam Wai Chun, Founder and CEO of 759 Store

759 Store uses Deltapath Retail Solutions

759 Store Implements Deltapath® Retail Solutions

Deltapath® meets the communications needs of over 45,000 people working in more than 100 of the largest companies across the retail and wholesale market. Our expertise and experiences in the sector ideally equip us to meet the complex challenges they face.

Enjoy Instant Telecom Savings
Enjoy instant telecom savings by eliminating analogue (POTS) lines at your branches. Deltapath® Retail Solutions run all video and voice communications over your existing data networks in parallel with your point-of-sales system.  Installing a phone line for your newly opened branch will be as simple as plugging in a new IP phone to the power supply.  Share a single Deltapath cluster and utilise your existing telephone trunks at the headquarters. The ROI is simple, earn your whole investment back in just 2 years!

Delivering Vastly Improved Customer Services
Customer loyalty always begins with superior customer experiences and personalized customer services.  Deltapath® Retail Solutions enable remote customer services, making personalized product inquiries, customized consultations and live chat support possible.  Product experts and consultants can utilize their expertise to serve multiple branches remotely at the same time.

Improving Internal and External Communications
Start your day with a morning briefing session from headquarters to all branch staff in the field.  By organising frequent and recurrent meetings between branches and headquarters, experiences and insights are exchanged.  Deltapath® Retail Solutions enable staff to meet virtually, easing store-wide communications while keeping time and travel costs to a minimum.  Retailers can instantly react to market changes and conduct effective procurement strategies to manage the merchandise.

Increasing Operational Efficiencies
Operational efficiencies are driven by efficient market responses and accurate inventory forecasting.  Deltapath® Retail Solutions enable remote warehouse management that allows better forecasting, more timely inventory checks and balances, accurate tracking of shipping status and orders, and appropriate procurement. Remote monitoring of branches allows management team to make better business decisions and prevent inventory from turning to scrap.