CSmile™ – The Video-Enabled Contact Center­

Video Contact Center, Disruptive technology for business communications.

Over the past decades, companies have invested heavily into toll-free hotlines and contact center systems to communicate with their customers over the phone.   However, the traditional contact center does not:

  • Allow a customer to describe a problem clearly with words.
  • Explain to a customer a set of instructions.
  • Conduct product demonstration and explaining complex ideas with very few words.

Deltapath introduces the revolutionary way to interact with your customers.  CSmile™ Video-Enabled Contact Center offers live video assistance to your customers, see and hear them about their needs, and present powerful product demonstrations to them to close more sales.

Find out more on how to take calls from your customers’ smartphones and tablets or HTML5 web browsers.

Life-like sales consultation and customer support has direct impact on your bottom line

Customer Loyalty
Customers no longer feel like talking to someone impersonal. By interacting face-to-face, there is a personal bond between your customers and agents that helps to build up loyalty to your business.

Brand Building
Accent your company’s brand by being a pioneer in your industry to offer live video assistance right from your website and mobile app. Allow your customers to interact with you from your website and provide instant lifelike support with video without intruding on the design of your website.

Keep visitors on your site by answering questions, explaining products, and positioning your company as a place where visitors are provided the opportunity to make right purchasing decision for them.

Reduce Operating Costs
Minimize calls coming into your expensive toll-free numbers that are costing your business by the minute by redirecting them to call in from your website or mobile app.

First Call Resolution
Further reduce your operating cost by reducing waiting times, average call duration, and increasing first-contact resolution by collaborating with visitors, sharing documents and co-completing returns or credit adjustment forms.

Reduce Returns and Complaints
Typical retailers in the United States experience on average over 8% of their sales ends up as returns*. The figure can be as high as 33% for online retailers**. Reduce returns by allowing your customers to reach you without leaving their home and get matters resolved.   Walk through the problems your customers experience and show them the correct way to use the products.

Generate Revenue Through Video Sales Consultation
Never miss an opportunity. The best time to upsell your customers is when they proactively reach out to you. Have a product that is complex? You will find increased sales of sophisticated products through meaningful collaboration with your customers.

In-store Support: Share your expertise across your outlets
Have a network of branches? You will be able to share your experts across all branches over video and offer the same level of expertise to all of your customers.

Reduce Turnover Rates
By letting your agents interact with your customers via video, you allow them to feel more part of your business where customers associate your business with their faces.

The Video-Enabled Agents

With the power of CSmile™ in a video-enabled contact center, agents not only show their faces to customers, making them feel connected but can also have practical use cases. Agents can push video information (i.e. content sharing) to callers while maintaining audio connections with them. The pushed video can be real-time video, static graphical information, or dynamic graphical information.

The ability to push video to callers works well in situations like the following:

Callers need help for physical tasks
If callers are stuck on a physical task like product assembly, agents can push a short video that shows them how to address their current issue. This is often much easier than trying to verbally explain what the callers need to do.

Callers need to make a decision about a product or service
Showing callers choices by pushing video works well in situations in which callers are trying to select seats in a concert hall or airplane under “Delivering Information in the Most Appropriate Format.”

Callers need information that is best delivered visually
Some information is often best delivered as a graph, chart, or video. For example, financial information is often best delivered in this way under “Delivering Information in the Most Appropriate Format.”

The Video-Enabled Callers

CSmile™ enables callers with video capability and creates new opportunities for call centers to provide better service with lower costs. These opportunities include the following:

See what I see

The ability for callers to show real-time (live) videos to agents can improve agent effectiveness in certain support situations, including those in which agents provide emergency assistance or help solve installation-related customer problems.

Record and send photos and videos

Callers can record and send videos to show agents what they are seeing. For example, if callers are making damage claims for insurance purposes, they can upload pictures or videos of the damages to the Customer Service Representative (CSR). This can alleviate the need for multiple adjustor visits, and can thus create a significant cost savings for the company.

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