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Entrepreneur: Unified Communications Will Make Your Remote Workforce More Productive

Unified Communications Will Make Your
Remote Workforce More Productive

By Ejiofor Francis


The trending collaborative approach can bridge the gap between you and your off-site team.


Executive and IT leaders for businesses of all sizes are enthusiastic about the deployment of UCaaS, citing it as the preferred method of adopting budget-friendly communications solutions that enhance employee cohesion. In fact, nearly all current UCaaS vendors are using microservices and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) architecture to a degree while running media in conventional data centers. Cloud data centers like Google Compute Engine, Deltapath Managed Cloud, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are largely hosting these platforms.


Four emerging trends provide organizational leaders exploring UCaaS with a good foundation in their search:
  • Globalization. Given the need to reach employees and consultants in remote locations around the world, most providers offer global capacities.
  • Improved Interfaces for Enhanced User Experience. Improved dashboards, tools and portals make use easier for everyone.
  • Workstream Collaboration. A highlight in UCaaS trends involves workstream collaboration, which provides notifications, messaging, bots and tools that allow teams to effortlessly communicate — in private or via group chats — throughout the life of a specialized project.
  • Video-Focused User Experiences. Key video improvements include high-definition resolution, collaboration-friendly features and the ability to invite large numbers of participants for video conferences, meetings and calls.


UC innovators continue to examine the needs of today’s business clients and work to answer the most pressing challenges. The latest trends are set to bring UC up to speed to allow executives and IT teams to streamline communications for a better employee experience, which ultimately translates to better client experience and brand reputation.


Source: Entrepreneur