Deltapath® Teams Gateway

Make and Receive Calls on MS Teams Using
Your Existing Phone System

With millions of workers still in lockdown over the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are rolling out robust business communication solutions like Microsoft Teams to employees to ensure it is business as usual.

Business communication solutions often include providing phone service to apps allowing businesses to scale solutions they are already using. In the past, adding phone service to scale meant introducing new phone service plans and licenses, increasing out-of-pocket costs.

No Additional Phone Plans

Deltapath Teams Gateway helps you satisfy your business goals without unnecessary spending by bridging your existing PSTN phone lines and PBX phone system to extend PSTN calling in Microsoft Teams. By using your current telephone system, you bypass the cost of additional phone service plans and protect your existing audio endpoint and video endpoint investments. With Deltapath Teams Gateway, you keep all the numbers and functionality of your existing phone system.

The benefits of integrating your existing phone system with Microsoft Teams isn’t just about cost savings, it’s also about customer experience and equipping employees with tools that allow them to be productive and are easy to use.

Connect MS Teams to your Public Switched Telephone
Network (PSTN) or Private Branch Network (PBX) to make
and receive calls using the Microsoft Teams app

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