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In a quest to dominate the market, improve productivity, and create new revenue pathways, companies worldwide are turning to omnichannel contact centers to transform operations and improve customer experience.

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What Is Omnichannel Communication?

Creating a powerful digital experience with an omnichannel contact center allows your customers and agents to have a unified communication experience while moving seamlessly between different channels when communicating to an agent:

Conversations that begin on a social app like WhatsApp can instantly move to a video call or another communication channel without pause. Information is never scattered and eventually lost over different channels because agents have a holistic view of the communication journey on their console. 

Customer-Centric Solutions

Make it easy for customers to communicate with you on different channels to drive engagement and customer experience.


Live Chat

Customers can conveniently initiate a chat in real-time with an agent. Deltapath offers multi-channel live chat for customers that can be activated on your website or a social app, including Facebook, Line, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, and Instagram.



Ensure there is no language barrier stopping the flow of communication. Both agents and customers can speak in their native language when accessing your website's Live Chat message window.



Every company can easily benefit from a video-ready contact center that enables agents to build credibility and strong relationships through face-to-face interactions. The chance of misinterpreting someone's words is reduced when you have a holistic view of a person, from spoken language to body language. Plus, you can deliver a personalized experience to every customer.


Customer Support Video Hotline

Create multilingual customer service hotlines to support customers. Customers click to initiate an on-demand video call with an agent directly from your website.


Voice Bot

Elevate customer service with a voice bot that is powered by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The Voice Bot understands spoken questions and requests.



Time is valuable. No customer wants to spend their valuable time waiting to speak to an agent on the phone. Customers can navigate through prerecorded menus to access information without waiting to talk to an agent. Agents do not get bogged down doing routine tasks that can be solved without a live person. When your customers need to speak to a live person, an IVR system offers skill-based routing to ensure customers get in touch with an agent.

Discover more customer-centric solutions in our brochure.

Agent Support Tools

Deltapath Omnichannel Contact Center solution also focuses on improving agent experience by offering agents tools to make them more successful while making their job easier.



Free up agents’ time by letting a voice bot, chatbot, task bot, or another tool handle routine tasks.


Knowledge Base

Customers can uncover the answers to their questions from the search bar of your chat window, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Agents can also use the knowledge base to uncover information for customers.


Coaching Assistant

The Whisper-In feature allows real-time interaction between agents and supervisors where coachable moments help agents solve customer issues, upsell a product or service, and acquire new knowledge.

 Discover more agent support tools in our brochure.

Key Benefits

24 hour

Automation tools offer 24/7 customer service

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Reports for performance monitoring

business-3d-bamboo-board-with-statistic-notes 2

Wallboard display for operations management


Flexible deployment options


Add-on tools available such as call recording


Agent ticketing tool for customer events that require more attention


Seamless Integration with our APIs

Service Provider Ready

Are you ready to join forces? Service providers can leverage Deltapath Contact Center as a service to build their business. The multi-tenant capability enables service providers or any Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) Provider to host multiple customers with partitioning on the same server.

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