Is your video conference device being underutilized because your customers, partners,
and other office locations use different video endpoints and mobile devices?

Do you want to increase video utilization to register your video equipment to more than one video service to accommodate others?

Imagine hosting an intercompany meeting with multiple partners, and each office has a different video conferencing system. If that’s not complicated enough, your remote workers expect to join the discussion from their home office.

Video conferencing systems are a core communication and collaboration tool. When devices don’t speak to each other, communication flow is interrupted, impacting business. How do you provide an agnostic solution that reverses communication breakdown?

Eliminate your challenges. Experience

Video Conferencing without borders


Deltapath Connector

Innovate faster, make decisions faster, and remain competitive

Deltapath Connector is an on-premise central controller that integrates the ecosystem of devices to seamlessly and collectively work together. Bridge to service providers like Zoom, BlueJeans, and Lifesize, and many other video services. Global communication with customers, partners, and colleagues through a video conference call is as easy as making an ordinary telephone call. 

Save time with a simple setup and cut international direct dialing (IDD) costs, traditionally calculated per minute per head, by switching to an audio-conferencing bridge.

Key Benefits


Easy connectivity for remote branches and home offices


Eliminate costs with an audio
conferencing bridge


Universal collaboration across different video service providers


Integration with your legacy systems


Secure operation where endpoints are concealed and never exposed to the public WAN

Trusted by Customers


Make and Receive Calls To/From
Hong Kong No Matter Where You Are