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End-Of-Life and End-Of-Sale Of Avaya Aura 8 Communication Manager

Deltapath’s UC Platform Offers
First Class Mobility Solutions and Supports a Perpetual License and Subscription Based Model

Introducing the Avaya Phone Systems Replacement Program

Avaya files for bankruptcy creating a climate of uncertainty for customers.
Deltapath is available to help Avaya customers explore their next steps.

Image of complete UC and phone systems alternatives.

Avaya announced the end of sales of its flagship product, Avaya Aura 8, along with the end of perpetual licensing. The new platform, Avaya Aura 10, is now available.

Ensure You Have the Facts

Before moving to a subscription plan, comparing licensing models and deciding what’s best for your company is essential. 
For example, if cost is an issue, you may want to go with a subscription license because it is initially lower in cost. On the other hand, if you wish to have indefinite access to a specific software application version, consider getting a perpetual license.  

Lastly, if you decide to migrate to Avaya Aura 10 and move to a subscription-based model,
ensure you will not have to rip and replace your legacy endpoints and those approaching
their end-of-life (EOL). Replacing endpoints can be costly and even unaffordable for many companies. 


Strategize about the Future With Deltapath Unified Communication Platform

Work Smarter

Deltapath differentiates itself from other companies. We never force our customers to stick to one brand of endpoints. Instead, customers invest in the brands they want and get the features they need to operate successfully.

The nucleus of the Deltapath UC Platform is interoperability. Through interoperability, Deltapath’s platform allows different brands of endpoints, such as Cisco, Avaya, and Poly, to coexist and work with each other seamlessly.

Extend the Life
of Your Investments

Making your business investments work longer
is a priority at Deltapath. We support many endpoint models, including legacy and EOL endpoints.

List of Supported Avaya Endpoints

Avaya J129 IP Desk Phone
Avaya J139 IP Desk Phone
Avaya J159 IP Phone
Avaya J169 IP Desk Phone
Avaya J179 IP Desk Phone
Avaya J189 IP Phone
Avaya 9641G IP Phone
Avaya 9611G IP Phone
Avaya 9608G IP Phone
Avaya 9650 IP Phone
Avaya 9620 IP Phone

Is Your Current Platform Discouraging Communication
and Collaboration Between Staff?

Experience Feature Rich Mobility Solutions

If you are like most companies today,
you have a mixed workforce that includes remote workers, office workers, and perhaps field workers.

Mobility solutions offer you the ability to communicate and collaborate anywhere.
As a result, it improves employee communication and teamwork and helps companies achieve a more cohesive workforce.

To improve communication and collaboration and achieve global reach, Deltapath offers 2 feature-rich mobility solutions:

Deltapath Engage is a softphone for Windows and macOS users.
  Access it from a desktop computer or laptop. Users can place and receive calls or initiate a conference call with numerous people.

Deltapath Mobile is a business phone app.
   Enjoy different modes of communication, from video calls, audio conference calls, push-to-talk, and one-to-one or group chat.

Image of Deltapath mobile phone systems
Image of Deltapath Engage a softphone system compatible with MAC & PC

Take Your Communication Journey a Leap Forward

The Deltapath’s UC platform delivers all the enterprise features and capabilities your company needs, plus it comes with add-on services to complement your core services. Here are some of our popular value-added services:

Audio Conference Bridge
IP Phone
Voice/Video Mail,
Fax to Email, E-Fax
Interactive Voice Response
Self Service Portal
Video Conferencing
Mobile Apps on IOS
& Android
Call Recording
Inbound/Outbound Call Center
Service Provider Billing System
Enterprise IM
Alarm Notifications
Push To Talk
CTI Integration
CRM Integration

Discover How the Program Is Delivered
Deployment Options

Deltapath will upgrade your Avaya Aura platform to its Deltapath Unified Communications platform.

You can deploy Deltapath UC on a virtualized server or a cloud provider. Deltapath supports VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. You can also choose to receive Deltapath appliances at no additional charge.

Avaya Files for Bankruptcy

Feb 14 (Reuters) - Avaya Holdings Corp (AVYA.N) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

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