Experience the Deltapath® Mobile App with Dolby Voice®

Drive and accelerate results, improve professional productivity,
and strengthen work relationships with Deltapath Mobile,
our all-in-one communications app.

Communication and collaboration with Deltapath’s mobile client, Deltapath Mobile, is fast, secure, and flexible. Deltapath Mobile allows users to adapt to every situation, any time while maintaining high fidelity and providing the audio quality of the future, today. Deltapath Mobile is powered by Dolby Voice, which means you don’t have to be in an office using a fixed device to enjoy excellent communication and collaboration. Your virtual audio crew goes where you go.

  • Deltapath Mobile is an extension of an employee’s desk phone. Deltapath Mobile rings when an employee’s desk phone rings. Eliminate missed calls when employees are away from their desks and bolster customer satisfaction and customer relationship.
  • Call others and engage in a collaborative conversation or extend communication with video calls.
  • Text message someone or a group of people to preserve confidentiality and privacy. Facilitate your text conversation by attaching pictures, other files, and audio.
  • Add a pickup key to Deltapath Mobile if you belong to a Call/Pickup Group and answer your co-workers’ calls. This feature is perfect for call centers, organizations with hotlines, or when co-workers go on vacation.

Host an Audio Conference on
Deltapath Mobile

Initiate an audio conference anywhere with Deltapath’s Meet Me Now Conference.

  • Invite participants right from the app.
  • Select each attendees’ participation level by controlling whether or not an attendee can listen and talk, only listen, or only speak during the meeting. Assign administrative privileges to one or more participants if needed.

Stomp Out Noise Pollution

There is a new norm in the workplace. Airports, train terminals, and even a sidewalk, can become temporary workplaces for people who want to stay connected and productive. As a result, Deltapath gives you all the advantages of a mobile application, including audio conferencing and the best-in-class noise canceling technology. When engaging in calls outside the office, you never have to worry about background noise hijacking your conversation. You will also never have to mute a call to block background noise only to miss out on sharing information with your team because you forgot to unmute your speaker when you were talking. With Deltapath and Dolby Voice, background noise disappears like magic, leaving only the crystal-clear sound of a speaker’s voice.

Clear as a Crystal Ball

Experience a solution that ensures dialogues remain inviting,
and everyone can equally participate, so that collaboration flourishes
and productivity increases.

You will never wish you had a crystal ball during an audio conference so you could observe the non-verbal cues that signal a pause in a speaker’s conversation so you can avoid multiple conversations from starting at the same time and becoming intertwined. Plus, speakers will never have to repeat themselves when everything was already said and done.

Our virtual audio crew brings you calls where voices never overlap even when participants speak all at once. Every speaker’s voice emerges from a distinct location; Voices seem to come from behind you, to the left or right of you, and even in front of you so you can always follow what is being said.

A Pocket Size Conference Device

Hear Every Conversation No Matter Where You Are

Have you ever been in a room with your team, buried in an in-depth discussion, only to realize you needed to get another person involved by phone? But what if the room you are in doesn’t have a conference device?

You can quickly transform your Deltapath Mobile into a pocket audio conference device when the caller or call recipient is also using Deltapath Mobile or the Dolby Conference Phone. Just initiate or answer a call, and place your device on speaker mode.

Alternatively, you can use the Meet Me Now Conference button on your Deltapath Mobile app to join an audio conference call. Call into the conference and place your device on speaker mode.

Deltapath Mobile with Dolby Voice delivers crystal clear, high-quality audio and noise cancellation technology, so everyone is heard in both cases. Equally important, participants don’t have to awkwardly huddle around a device to be heard because the state-of-the-art technology allows the microphone to pick up voices to 15 feet away.

Take the Next Step

At Deltapath, we will never tease you with a vision of the future and then not deliver on our promise. Deltapath Mobile powered by Dolby Voice brings you the next generation in audio quality, communication, and collaboration.

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