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Deltapath UC Business Phone System: Unified, Intuitive, and Fine-Tuned for Modern Connectivity

One problem many businesses experience is fragmented communication.

Desk phones, cell phones, Mitel phones, video conferencing devices, and other communication and collaboration tools don’t often interoperate, impacting business productivity from every direction driving the need for a powerful UC solution

The widespread adoption of the digital workforce, where workers can access the tools they require to work on any device they choose and from any location, is also driving the need for a powerful UC solution.

Thrive in the digital workforce with a unified business phone system. Discover how Deltapath can help you achieve uninterrupted connectivity and productivity.

Revolutionizing Connectivity for the Digital Era

Businesses once relied on PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to facilitate internal and external communication. While groundbreaking at the time, this traditional telephone system had limited scope and functionality.

  • Limited features: PBX phone systems offered basic communication features, such as routing phone numbers, voicemail, and call forwarding. But they couldn’t support instant messages, call recording, auto-attendant, video conferences, or multichannel integrations.
  • Scalability challenges: PBX systems were hardware-based, restricting use to physical locations. Growing businesses took a lot of labor and assets to accommodate additional users or facilities.
  • Cost inefficiencies: The initial PBX setup was substantial for businesses, particularly SMEs. Long-distance calls also incurred significant charges.
  • Maintenance and upkeep. Due to its complexity, troubleshooting and updating PBX hardware required specialized expertise. This often caused downtime, impacting business continuity and productivity.

These pressing communication challenges led to the development of Voice over IP (VoIP). By receiving calls over the internet, this technology enabled a more seamless, connected experience and pioneered IP-based PBX systems.

The Rise of IP PBX Phone System and Unified Communication

IP-based PBX systems leveraged IP technology to transmit voice, video, and data all on one network. Now, this smooth communication across multiple devices and platforms is what we know as Unified Communications (UC).

Deltapath propelled the adoption of UC solutions by integrating all communication channels. For instance, we introduced face-to-face interactions, overcoming geographic barriers for customers.

Eliminate Your Challenges. Experience

Interoperability and Transformation


Deltapath Unified Communications Platform

Deltapath UC is a secure, all-in-one platform. Our user-friendly administrator interface integrates business communication solutions like video calls, mobile meetings, and VOIP services to help you improve teamwork, productivity, communication, and collaboration.

Our platform brings it all together for your business by creating a unified workflow that allows your employees to work how they want, allowing them to innovate faster and communicate and collaborate more effectively.

When communication becomes efficient and effective, relaying information at the right time to the right people in the proper manner is no longer a challenge but a de facto standard.

Deltapath promotes interoperability. Our cloud phone systems and other solutions work well for new and EOL (End-of-Life) endpoints, including, but not limited to:

We offer more than just interoperability. Let us help you transform your business.

Key Benefits


Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO).

Eliminate long-distance call expenses, and administrative overhead. Plus, if you invest in our cloud solution, save on upfront on-premises hardware investment and maintenance.

Optimize Communication Apps for Remote Teams.

Maximize your communication apps within a dedicated remote work phone system. Use Deltapath Mobile, our business app, or Deltapath Engage, our softphone, to communicate from anywhere.

Improve Communication Across Your Organization.

Deltapath supports multiple modes of communication for every situation, from audio to video to text.

Generate Revenue & Reduce Turnaround Time.

Deltapath facilitates efficient decision-making and rapid response to opportunities. We drive revenue growth and reduce turnaround time for industries through our solutions, including contact center and industry verticals such as our hospitality solution.

We value the trust you place in us. Read our privacy policy to understand how we prioritize your data privacy. You can also learn more about our mission and values here.

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