Do you want to deliver better experiences
to your patients and healthcare workers in the cloud?

Healthcare of the future focuses on relaying the right data to the right person at the right time.

But that’s not all.  The integrated healthcare communications solution of the future increases operational efficiency, improve patient quality of care, and reduces exhaustion among healthcare professionals might be just what your healthcare facility is looking for as you consider a digital transformation to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud can offer you a more agile, secure, and cost-effective way to run your healthcare facility to ensure long-term success.

Eliminate Your Challenges. Experience

Innovation and flexibility when you need it


Deltapath Acute Cloud

Deltapath Acute integrates with healthcare systems such as nurse call systems, and leverages technology and mobile phones to create the hospital of the future that can scale to cope with everyday events and unexpected critical events.

Deltapath’s cloud solution allows companies to privately host on their own network, making it ideal for healthcare institutions that do not have internet to ensure the privacy and security of valuable healthcare information. For companies with a compliance program in place, Deltapath Acute can provide you with the right solution and help you avoid costly penalties, and other issues.

Key Benefits


Use audio or video calls to communicate with other healthcare professionals in your facility.

Chat bubble

If patient confidentiality is an issue, silently communicate with other healthcare professionals by instant messaging to protect patient confidentiality.


An all-in-one platform with customer information at your fingertips


Use Push-to-Talk to instantly speak with a group of healthcare professionals in emergencies.


With Presence, healthcare professionals can set their status to unavailable and add a note for callers.


Make and Receive Calls To/From
Hong Kong No Matter Where You Are