A Business Phone That Allows You to Place and Receive Calls from Your Desktop Computer

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Discover what other companies are doing if you are rarely in the same physical place

As the remote workforce and mobile workforce expand, companies are looking for new ways to
keep their employees connected while providing nationwide and even worldwide reach.

To improve customer experience (CX) and increase productivity, companies need new ways to increase employee availability.

Eliminate your challenges. Experience

Flexibility with a softphone


Deltapath Engage

It’s like having your desk phone with you wherever you go

Deltapath Engage is the first softphone bundled with Dolby Voice to eliminate communication and collaboration pain points like background noise. Make and receive audio or video calls from anywhere with your laptop and have an internet connection. Plus, your business calls are free with VOIP technology.

Our softphone application is feature-rich and easy to use. Engage in impromptu conference calls. Access your voicemail, transfer calls, and seamlessly pull a call from Deltapath’s mobile app to your softphone on a desktop without anyone realizing you switched devices.

Key Benefits


Video calls act as a catalyst for team-building and support


Teams work smarter and more effectively with impromptu audio conference calls.


Simple to use interface comes equipped with all the essential business phone features


No geographical boundaries


Available for Mac and Windows users

saving (1)

VOIP softphones help you to save money


Deltapath Engage goes where your laptop goes.

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Discover what other companies are doing if your employees are rarely in the same physical place


Make and Receive Calls To/From
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