Is the audio quality of your existing communication system
failing your business and employees? Find out.

If your company already has a well-established communication system, you need to consider the next question seriously. Would you like to improve your system’s audio quality to control the outcome of customer experience (CX), improve customer service or discover crucial information with artificial intelligence (AI)?

Poor audio quality on a call can lead to poor customer experience. As more companies adopt the work from anywhere mindset, more business conversations are happening in places where noise cannot be controlled. Don’t send business to your competitors because you can’t hear or be heard.

If, on the other hand, you are adopting AI to drive business outcomes, don’t let background noise interfere in capturing and analyzing voice data. Don’t let valuable data remain untapped or unused.

Eliminate your challenges. Experience

Conversations without background noise and enhanced audio quality.


Deltapath Noise Suppression Software

Noise Cancellation Gateway acts as a filter that identifies and traps all nonhuman sounds. What remains is crystal clear audio over your business phone lines. With noise pollution filtered on both ends of a call, participants can always hear each other no matter how noisy it gets. The gateway solves communication and collaboration issues, especially those resulting from the work from anywhere trend where employees cannot control the noise in their environment.

The gateway adds value to artificial intelligence (AI) work that requires capturing and analyzing large amounts of voice data. When background noise does not interfere with collecting voice data, valuable information is retrieved to drive business outcomes.

Key Benefits


Designed to be used with your existing platform


Enhance your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with AI


Configuration can take as little as 10 minutes

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No impact to your voice or AI infrastructure


Empower your voice assistants with AI


Make and Receive Calls To/From
Hong Kong No Matter Where You Are