Are incompatible video devices making it difficult to hold meetings with customers, partners, and other critical business entities?

Video conferencing is the meeting solution of today’s modern workplace.

However, companies quickly confront the shortcomings of these devices. They operate on different protocols creating incompatibilities that isolate each video platform.

Eliminate Your Challenges. Experience

An increase in video utilization through interoperability


Universal Connector Cloud Bridge

Universal Connector Cloud Bridge seamlessly integrates different communication platforms. It acts as a translator in the cloud to ensure different communication modalities interact.

  • It allows your H.323 endpoints to call a SIP destination, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and even skype for Business.
  • Your SIP endpoints a call to a H.323 destination, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and SFB.
  • Use a web browser to call to a SIP destination or a H.323 destination.

Increase utilization of your video devices with complete interoperability. Engage in successful meetings with partners, customers, and colleagues without worrying about whether or not you can collaborate because your devices are not compatible.

Key Benefits


Protects your investment by enabling your existing H.323 or SIP video conferencing endpoints to call Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Skype for Business


Seamlessly integrate different communication platforms


A secure and simple way for customers to call your video infrastructure using just a web browser.


Make and Receive Calls To/From
Hong Kong No Matter Where You Are