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How Does Your Office Technologies Stack Up to your Competitors?

There are numerous companies in the co-working
and serviced office market including:

WeWorkThe Work ProjectServcorp
DevXBond CollectivePremier Workspaces
Regus/SpacesThe Executive CentreOffice Evolution
IndustriousTech SpaceCompass Office

To stand out from your competitors, it is essential to build a bigger presence by creating a digital workspace that provides your customers with a range of essential technologies that serve to improve employee and customer experience, give customers a competitive edge, and improve workflow efficiency.

Providing the right technologies for your customers is as

important as taking charge of the setup costs and large capital investments for them

Make it your business to help your customers be the best versions of themselves

5 Must Have Technology Tools For Customers 
Create a strong technology services niche that sets you apart from the competition with these top five technologies.

1. Chat: Internal and External Communication

Technologies like enterprise instant messaging and Short Message Service (SMS) enhance internal and external communication and are therefore must haves for your customers. Both enterprise instant messaging and SMS offer users one-to-one chat and group chat using asynchronous and synchronous communication.

Enterprise IM
Enterprise instant messaging powers communication inside companies by helping internal communication flow and increasing collaboration and productivity among employees. Plus, companies can typically access enterprise IM from their desktop and smartphone making communication and collaboration between workers simple and accessible.


Business Texting-SMS is fast becoming the leading way for companies to communicate externally to enhance business-to-consumer and business-to-business reach. The popularity of SMS is not surprising. Currently, 80 percent of the world’s population owns a smartphone, making it easy for companies to reach their audiences.

2. Mobility

It is crucial to have a mobile-friendly platform because work is no longer tied to an office, but something a person does anywhere. Being able to make and receive calls, engage in video meetings, complete work tasks, and remotely access work documents outside of the office is a fundamental requirement needed to increase productivity and provide flexibility to employees. As a result, a mobility solution is a necessary asset for customers.

Mobile App

A mobile app with the right features and functionalities easily transforms smart devices into powerful business phones that go anywhere your customers go. It is best to have a mobile app that is available on different operating systems such as Google’s Android and Apple iOS. 


A softphone is a VOIP phone system that typically has all the same features of a mobile business app. Softphones are typically installed on desktops. Most are available for macOS and Microsoft Windows.

Overall, mobility solutions increase employee availability which can improve customer service and strengthen customer experience. Offering customers mobility solutions in a co-working space or service office space is an obvious choice that says you support digital transformation and can flex to accommodate today’s modern workplace.     

3. Receptionist Software Tools

Whether people call them receptionists, front desk executives, front desk attendants, or secretaries, these individuals are vital to everyday business operations and a company’s image. Plus, not having an in-office receptionist can send the message that a company’s operations are small-scale.  As a result, most companies looking for serviced office and co-working spaces are also looking for reception services.

If you offer reception services, then you already know that receptionists are only as strong as the tools they use. The right tools empower receptionists such as

  • Secretarial Phone Service
  • Audio Conference Bridge
  • Voice Conference
  • Free International Roaming
  • Call Recording
  • Dedicated Fax Number With Inbound Faxes Sent To Each Employee’s Email Inbox

Receptionist Software Interface (Click for Details)

Look for software that gives receptionists an easy interface that centralizes front desk operations.  

For example, a receptionist may serve many companies in a serviced office or co-working workspace. Software that displays a company’s greeting and other instructions ensures the receptionist always introduces your customers correctly, keeping the brand and image of each company intact and the messaging consistent every time.  

4. Call Billing and Invoicing Software

Phones can be found in almost every office. This translates into the need for a comprehensive call billing solution  across all your locations. Ensure you can manage all aspects of call billing including maintaining records of each call, setting rate plans, creating call privileges, and spotting misuse to make billing customers and collecting payment easy

5. Privacy and Security

Protect the things that matter the most. It’s critical to ensure you keep data secure and private. Have a detailed conversation with the company that maybe powering your business and ensure you understand how the company plans to protect you and your customers. communication.

Discover the Business Technology Platform

The Deltapath Unified Communications Platform offers serviced office providers / coworking operators a secured all-in-one,
one stop unified platform that will give you the competitive advantage.
Our platform is equipped with the five Must Haves and Nice to Haves technology tools.

Uncover some of the reasons the Deltapath UC platform is right for your coworking spaces / serviced office space.

  • It is an all-in-one solution.
  • Our platform supports a hybrid work model
  • Multiple deployment options ensure setup meets your needs
  • A centralized and easy to use administrator and user portal is offered
  • Different modes of communication from video to push-to-talk are available so your customers can decide how they want to communicate
  • Your privacy and security are taken very seriously, that’s why we offer a layered defense approach
  • Your investments work longer with us because we support many end-of-life and end-of-support endpoints


The Deltapath UC platform also has many add-on services to complement your core services
and improve your customers’ benefits including our call billing solution, serviced office solution and call recording solution.


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