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Business SMS

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We introduce to you

Deltapath Business Texting - SMS

What is SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is a form of text messaging sent from one mobile device to another. Users can natively send and receive SMS messages on almost every mobile device. 

SMS is unlike other messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram, where users must have a smartphone, download a third-party app, and the message recipient must have the same app installed. Overall, SMS is easier to use and provides greater reach. Plus, its asynchronous communication style offers users a certain level of convenience. Message recipients can respond to a message immediately or come back to it later and continue the conversation.

Close the Communication Gap with an Additional Communication Channel 

Most organizations today use Enterprise Instant Messaging.
It has been a game changer fortifying communication and collaboration within businesses.

Equally important, however, is the enormous amount of communication and collaboration occurring every day outside the walls of businesses with suppliers, partners, media, customers, and prospects.

“Deltapath Business Texting – SMS is an extension of enterprise instant messaging that allows you to reach your most important and largest audiences”

Engage in B2C and B2B Communication with Deltapath Business Texting – SMS 

Until now, most businesses in the world interact with their customers and other companies by scheduling meetings, inviting everyone to join a conference, and sending considerable amounts of email follow-ups. Unfortunately, each method is time-consuming, and recipients are slow to react. 

With the mobile workforce worldwide steadily increasing and about 80 percent of the world’s population currently owning a smartphone, businesses can use SMS as an additional communication channel to reach customers, prospects, and other companies.

With Deltapath Business Texting – SMS, engage in one-to-one text messaging or group chats. Communication is immediate, and recipients are more likely to open a text message than an email because they check their phones frequently throughout the day.

Big Things Happen in Groups

Do you want to improve customer experience? Do you want a more effective and efficient workflow? Do you want to improve your business relationships?

Before you can accomplish anything, you need to get everyone together and on the same page. Deltapath Business Texting – SMS allows businesses to create group chats and engage in a more personalized experience with others like you engage with your friends over text.  

Business chats are easy to manage and accessing media and chat history is at your fingertips. 

For B2C businesses, easily share the big news with your customers. If you are a B2B business, connect everyone from your product team to your marketing team with the manufacturer you are working with and get everyone on the same page. Work more effectively and efficiently with 

Deltapath Business Group Texting – SMS.

Group chat is not the only highlight of Deltapath Business Texting – SMS

Text From Multiple Devices

Send one-to-one and group texts from multiple devices. Begin a message on your laptop using Deltapath Switchboard and continue your conversation on the Deltapath Mobile app. 

Image of person using Deltapath Mobile virtual phone number service.

Reinforce Your Brand Identity with a Phone Number

A phone number is a critical part of a company’s brand. Deltapath ensures customers receive dedicated business phone numbers with Deltapath Business Texting – SMS to help with brand identity. Random phone numbers are never distributed. Instead, a unique block of numbers is assigned so message and call recipients can quickly identify your business. For example, company X users all receive 1-850-726-45XX.


Experience Full Control Over Your Data 

If your employees use private messaging channels like WhatsApp and Telegram to reach your customers, you’ve relinquished control over your data. When an employee leaves, you can remove them from a chat, but you cannot remove historical or confidential data.


Remote Wipe an Employee’s Chat History and Contacts

Historical data is easily wiped from a phone and business contacts when using Deltapath Business Texting – SMS.


The Value of Historical Data

Every message you send and receive is always available. To meet compliance requirements, an audit trail is essential for many businesses, such as finance, healthcare, and government. In addition, users can quickly revisit a chat to validate the information communicated or received in the past, making it very easy to sync up with others quickly.



Deltapath Business Texting – SMS is currently available for Deltapath UCaaS customers in the United States and Canada. Check our website often for updates on availability.


A New Communication Channel

Grow your business with B2C and B2B communication

Chat from Multiple Devices

Begin a conversation on one device and continue it on another device

Control of Your Data

Protect confidential information. Remote wipe a chat and business contacts.

Key Benefits

You Are Not Limited to 1 x 1 Chats

Engage in a group chat with up to 10 participants.

Reach Your Largest Audiences

Almost every mobile device can send and receive SMS

Message Trail

Revisit past messages or verify information any time.


Make and Receive Calls To/From
Hong Kong No Matter Where You Are