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Customer Experience And Brand Loyalty Are Built On Credibility

Enterprise Video Contact Center

Empower agents with video in your contact center and drive results through improved customer experience and a more efficient workflow that saves time and money.

Seven Reasons To Use A Video Contact Center (VCC)

  • Drive-up agent productivity and engagement to improve customer service and customer experience with video in your toolbox.

  • Provide personalized, face-to-face communication regardless of customer location or agent location.

  • When you put a face to your brand, you make it more relatable and memorable.

  • Video bridges the gap between your company and customers, making relationship building easier, especially for more complex or emotionally driven situations.

  • Imagine your agents being able to observe an equipment issue, read an error message on a customer's monitor, or validate a product defect. Video offers agents a better understanding of a customers' issues and real-time guidance, improving resolution time.

  • Reduce travel costs and time. Assisting customers via video can decrease the need to involve others like technicians. With fewer people involved, few appointments to schedule, everyone saves time.

  • Agents can use customers' verbal communication and visible queues to determine upselling and cross-selling opportunities to improve revenue.

Customer Experience And Brand Loyalty Are Built On Credibility

Every industry can easily benefit from a video contact center solution that enables agents to build credibility and strong relationships through face-to-face interactions. Also, the chance of misinterpreting someone’s words is reduced when you have a holistic view of a person, from spoken language to body language.

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