Will your security system prevent
hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your site?

Is your private information really private?

Privacy and security is a core business issue with any enterprise-grade, mission-critical business platform. Get prepared as new challenges and risks are always surfacing.

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Different Layers of Defense


Deltapath’s Security and Privacy Approach

Deltapath follows a secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC). Every phase of development ensures a high level of security that follows rigorous security requirements alongside functional requirements. The S-SDLC also places a significant emphasis on risk analysis and vulnerability management. To increase the security position of Deltapath products, a defense-in-depth model is systematically incorporated using layered defenses.
> The Deltapath operating system is an encrypted single user system
> Our architecture reduces the threats of external attacks
> The Single Sign-On (SSO) approach enforces the authentication and authorization process
> One-time guest access approach for video and audio conference meetings
> Secure Information Flow
> A built-in firewall that automatically filters malicious packets
> Licensed users can be assigned one of three access control levels on our unified communications platform
> Access to detailed system logs and audit trail


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