Do you provide care to seniors or physically challenged individuals in a nursing home?

Prevent Isolation of the Elderly or Physically Challenged Through Proactive Engagement

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Deltapath Assisted Living Engagement Solution

An assisted living facility offers a high level of care outside a hospital setting. These facilities are often referred to by many names, including nursing homes, residential care facilities, long-term care facilities, life care, care home, and more.

Covid-19 management in assisted living facilities continues with safety protocols, regular cleaning and disinfection, and regular monitoring and testing of residents and staff.
Besides keeping residents safe, assisted living facilities are turning their attention to the mental health of their residents who have faced isolation from loved ones. To fight isolation, assisted living facilities are looking for ways to raise engagement.

Deltapath’s Assisted Living Engagement Solution helps assisted living facilities keep their residents in touch with family, friends, and other community members.

Deltapath’s Engagement Solution

  • There are no confusing and lengthy instructions for staff or residents

  • Callers do not have to be technology literate to use Deltapath’s Engagement Solution

  • There is no app for residents or their loved ones to download

Callers access your website from a browser and then click-to-call. Residents join a video call with their loved ones from a device such as an iPad or a video phone.

With Deltapath’s engagement solution, residents can now reconnect with friends, kids, grandchildren, and community members. They can even extend their reach and be a part of family and friends’ events that were not geographically possible in the past. A video call will make residents feel like they are right there with their loved ones.

Expand Engagement for Residents Without Family or Friends

Some residents may not have family or friends. With the Deltapath Assisted Living Engagement Solution, you can welcome organizations in your community to support elders and the physically challenged. Have volunteers engage with your residents over video.


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