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Deltapath for Zendesk Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Welcome to a future where innovation merges seamlessly with efficiency, elevating customer satisfaction to unprecedented heights. As a leading unified communications company, success hinges on integrating technologies that create a dynamic ecosystem. This ecosystem offers a competitive edge, enhances customer experiences, and streamlines employee workflow.

Revolutionizing Call Handling with Deltapath Talk

Deltapath for Zendesk CTI is poised to redefine your approach to communication, one audio or video call at a time. Our solution, offered through the Deltapath Talk app, empowers Zendesk users and transforms customer interactions. Here's a glimpse into what we offer Zendesk customers:

Seamless Integration

The Deltapath Talk app for Zendesk seamlessly learns and integrates agents’ extensions, placing them firmly in control of managing calls within Zendesk. 

Deltapath Talk is available in Zendesk Marketplace:

Effortless Call Management 

Picture agents are answering incoming calls directly from their Zendesk screen. Even more impressive, customer records of existing Zendesk clients pop up on the screen with an incoming call, setting the stage for a personalized approach and exceptional customer experiences from the very first “hello.”

For Zendesk Sell users, igniting sales conversations is simpler than ever. With potential sales opportunities and historical notes displayed prominently the moment your phone rings, agents have the ideal foundation to steer discussions toward conversions.

Agents using Zendesk Support gain instant access to tickets and more as soon as the phone rings. This ensures a smooth continuation of discussions and faster inquiry resolutions.

Empowering Outbound Calls 

Initiating outgoing calls from Zendesk is a breeze. Deltapath’s integrated dial pad simplifies outbound communication. Enter a phone number using the on-screen dial pad to make a call. It’s even simpler for existing customers – reaching out to them is as straightforward as a click-to-call.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

There is no more juggling between screens or between your screen and phone set. Deltapath Talk for Zendesk empowers Support and Sell users to put calls on hold, end conversations, and initiate transfers without leaving the Zendesk platform.

Unlock the Power of Unified Communications

Are you prepared to harness the full potential of unified communication? Contact us and learn how Deltapath Talk can reshape your communication strategy and propel your business toward a future characterized by enhanced engagement and unparalleled success.

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Instructions for Inserting Deltapath Talk into Zendesk

To ensure the integration is successful, administrators must insert their Deltapath UC IP address. Follow the instructions below:
1. In Zendesk, click Settings in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.
2. Click Go to Admin Center.
3. Click the Apps and integrations and then click Zendesk Support apps.

4. Click the Deltapath app.
5. Deltapath UC FQDN/IP Address: Enter your FQDN or IP address.
Note: You can either keep the default settings for the other boxes or make changes.
5. Click Update.


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