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Deltapath Enterprise Instant Messaging

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What is Enterprise Instant Messaging?

Enterprise instant messaging is a text-based communication and collaboration tool used by businesses where employees engage in one-to-one or group chats in real-time or asynchronously. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) and large enterprises (LE) use the popular communication platform. In addition, many instant messaging platforms include photo, video, file, link, and audio sharing.  

Using asynchronous and synchronous communication gets you the most benefits

Support Your Employees with Synchronous Communication

Instant messaging (IM) offers real-time communication resulting in information flowing faster between employees. As a result, employees can address customer needs quicker and more confidently by chatting with other employees and supervisors or escalating to other departments while serving a customer.

Revisit Conversations and Communicate Asynchronously

It happens to the best of us. Meetings and essential discussions are sometimes missed. With enterprise instant messaging, it is easy for employees to sync with others by quickly revisiting a chat to validate the information communicated or received in the past. 

Another benefit of Enterprise IM is that it supports asynchronous communication. Chat members can open a chat and continue a conversation anytime – minutes later or hours later. Asynchronous communication is especially popular for issues that are not time sensitive. Asynchronous communication allows chat members to plan a response effectively, and offers individuals more control over their workday by eliminating the pressure to respond immediately.

Drive Enterprise Collaboration Even with a Dispersed Workforce

Hiring workers in different geographical locations is essential today for businesses to find top talent. With workers in a company or department in several areas, it can be difficult for employees to feel like they are part of a team. Enterprise IM helps employees feel more connected with their coworkers, stay in sync, and facilitate a cohesive workplace and teamwork through fast and effective communication.

Companies worldwide are realizing that Enterprise Instant Messaging is one of the most effective forms of communication in the workplace

Text From Multiple Devices

Send one-to-one and group texts from multiple devices. For example, begin a message on your business app, Deltapath Mobile, and continue your conversation on your desktop softphone, Deltapath Engage, or your personal switchboard.

image of deltapath switchboard
Deltapath Switchboard
image of deltapath mobile
Deltapath Mobile
image of deltapath engage
Deltapath Engage

The Value of Historical Data

Recording of Interaction History
To help companies meet their compliance needs, Deltapath Enterprise Instant Messaging offers IM logs. The messaging chat logs chronicle one-to-one and group chats. Plus, download or export records when needed.

Move Your Employees Forward
Enterprise messaging logs provide managers with a wealth of information, including

  1. the To and From columns identify the chat members
  2. the time it takes to respond to a text
  3. the information shared
  4. the type of information, such as an attachment or invite

Use the information to create training opportunities, improve staff collaboration, recognize gaps in product knowledge, and much more.  

Protect Confidential Information

Deltapath Enterprise IM offers users message security with 256-bit encryption. End-to-end encryption prevents anyone from compromising your text messages. 


Remote Wipe a Chat and Contacts
Employees leave. That is a fact of life. Unfortunately, when they depart a company, there is always a chance that they are taking sensitive data with them. Deltapath keeps your data secure. For example, customers can remotely wipe business contacts and chat data when an employee leaves the company to protect confidential data.  

Communication Inside and Outside Your Company

Enterprise IM is a preferred method of communication between employees. Business Texting – SMS is an extension of Enterprise IM that is fast becoming another preferred method of communication. With business texting – SMS, companies can chat with customers, partners, prospects, and other businesses outside their business walls. Uncover what Deltapath Business Texting – SMS can offer you.  


Enterprise IM Features and Functionality

Message Another Person or a Group of People
Engage in one-to-one chats to check in on goals and project status and to strengthen relationships. Or meet with your entire team in a chat group. Share critical information in real-time with coworkers in different geographical locations. Pass down more knowledge and uncover solutions faster with more chat group participants. 

Track Sent Messages
Easily track your messages by observing the words in the lower right corner of each message.  

  1. Sent: The message has been received by the server.
  2. Delivered: The message has been received by the remote party.
  3. Read: The message has been read by the remote party.

Reply to a Specific Message in a Chat
In busy group chats, sometimes it needs to be apparent what question or comment members are responding to in a discussion. Deltapath Enterprise IM fixes this issue. It has a reply button that ensures communication stays intact in a sea of messages.

Preview and Send an Attachment 
Preview an attachment before sending it to a recipient or group. Users can use Image file formats such as JPEG (or JPG), PNG, and GIF. BMP and TIFF files. 

Media Gallery
The instant messaging Media Gallery allows you to view all attachments within a chat in one simple location. Thumbnails are available for all images, videos (MP3, 3GP, AVI, and MOV), and PDFs.


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