Deltapath Acute Hospital Communication & Nurse Call Systems

Can healthcare technology improve the health outcome for both patients and healthcare workers?

Healthcare providers are some of the most overworked people. Plus, staff shortage continues to lead to high stress and burnout among the provider community as they continue to struggle with increasing healthcare challenges.

Enhancing patient experience and comfort 
through quality of care becomes equally challenging
when healthcare facilities face staff shortage.

Eliminate your challenges. Experience

Workflow integration and an interoperable platform


Deltapath Acute App

Deltapath Acute is a secure interoperable platform that consolidates data from a number of systems into a single app including, but not limited to nurse call systems, patient records systems, panic value systems, and smart beds so providers have real-time information to make critical decisions.

Our all-in-one solution also promotes personalized attention and care for every patient. Providers can speak directly with their patients. Communication between care teams in the coordination of care is streamlined and more efficient because providers can be easily reached and have different clinical modes of communication such as video calls and instant messaging at their fingertips.

The app helps with hospital workflow management. Providers can respond to nurse calls based on their physical proximity to patients, significantly channeling wasted energy into higher operational efficiency and improved quality of care.

Consolidation of critical patient information in one place

Nurse call buttons have different priority levels to help staff prioritize their work

Key Benefits

Deltapath Acute healthcare solution

Minimize stress and exhaustion for healthcare professionals

Different modes of communication to suite every situation

Secure platform

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