Deltapath® Acute

Changing the Way Patients, Healthcare Institutions, and Healthcare Professionals Interact so Everyone Benefits

Deltapath’s Acute application, ensures healthcare institutions continue to deliver on their mission, increases operational efficiency, improves patients’ quality of care, and positively impacts job satisfaction for healthcare professionals.

Responsiveness in Patient Care


Increase Staff Efficiency


All Time Reachability


Vitals are Readily Available


Get Rid of Infrastructure Complexity


Faster Notification of Critical Condition


Integrate With Nurse Calling Systems

Positive and trusting healthcare professional – patient relationships are not only therapeutic to patients, but essential for effective care. Acute fosters these relationships through communication. Each time a patient presses a nurse call button, a call is placed to a predefined group of healthcare professionals.

Save Lives by Improving Response Times

Not only does every second count in an emergency, but what healthcare professionals do in those critical moments directly impacts a patient’s outcome. The doctor who answers the call can take immediate action even before reaching the patient. Lifesaving instructions can be communicated to the healthcare professional in the patient’s room over a speaker. Overall, not only is response time reduced with the emergency call button, but the critical minutes between the onset of the medical incident and the treatment of the patient is also reduced.

Unlock a New Level of Communication Between Healthcare Professionals

Video Calling

Call other healthcare professionals in your facility and engage in a collaborative conversation, or extend communication with video calling.


Instant Messaging

If patient confidentiality is an issue, silently communicate with other healthcare professionals through instant messaging. Facilitate your text conversation by attaching pictures.



Use Push-to-Talk to engage in instantaneous voice communication with a group of healthcare professionals when a situation demands immediate attention and collaboration.



Healthcare professionals can set their status to unavailable and add a note for callers to read , which creates a culture of accountability and responsibility among team members and in healthcare institutions.


Panic Value

When the panic value system is used, healthcare professionals can be proactive by taking action before the onset of a medical emergency. The panic value system sends a notification to a group of healthcare professionals when it detects that a patient may need immediate lifesaving treatment because one or more numbers in the patient’s lab report is below or exceeds the normal established limits.