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Discover Deltapath’s most popular unified communications technologies in a nutshell. Plus, learn what is frequently purchased together.

Most Popular Unified Communications Technologies

Deltapath UC Platform

The Deltapath UC Platform is Deltapath’s flagship product offering centralized communication solutions to small and midsize businesses and enterprises. It is also the building block for many other Deltapath products and services that focus on creating new revenue branches for companies and improving management, productivity, customer experience, and collaboration.

The Deltapath UC Platform is a prerequisite for all add-on modules except Noise Cancellation Gateway, Deltapath Teams Audio Gateway, Deltapath Connector, and Service Provider Edition.

Free Products and Services
With The Purchase Of Deltapath UC


Deltapath Mobile is an audio/video enterprise mobility solution that transforms smart devices into business phones.

It is free with the purchase of Deltapath UC and is available to iPhone and Android users.


Deltapath Engage is an audio/video collaboration softphone that allows users to work anywhere.

It is free with the purchase of Deltapath UC and is available to Windows and Mac users. 


Users and administrators access a comprehensive toolkit from a web browser or desktop. Users can update personal settings, passwords, and more in one convenient place. 

In addition, administrators and other IT staff can configure and maintain their infrastructure systems, including running reports and adding users and equipment.


Companies use contact centers to provide a variety of services, drive engagement, and improve customer experience. With a contact center, companies can grow and scale their business by being always available.

Deltapath Omnichannel Contact Center is a modern contact center that allows customers to meet agents on their favorite communication channels. During a conversation, customers and agents can move seamlessly between different channels, from chat to voice and video. 

Learn more about Omnichannel Contact Center and Video Contact Center.

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The outbound contact center module helps you reach out to customers and prospects to increase sales and revenue, obtain customer feedback, track vital metrics, and more. 

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Deltapath Acute consolidates healthcare data into an app, so healthcare staff instantly access medical data. Plus, communication between care teams is more accessible and more efficient with different modes of communication, from instant messaging to video calls.

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Serviced Office/Coworking Operators and Answering Service Providers can use this module to support their operations.  Help your customers deliver the best customer experience when their customers and prospects call them. Build better relationships and run a more productive business with a dependable receptionist toolkit.

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Telephone costs are one of the most significant expenses for businesses. Gain visibility of all telephone activity and improve cost management while you define your rate structure, create billing accounts, generate reports, and prevent abuse with PIN control. From hotels to serviced office providers, every company can benefit from having a call billing solution.

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Add another communication channel with enterprise instant messaging (IM) and securely exchange messages, multimedia attachments, and audio recordings with one person or a group of people in your company. Instant messaging drives enterprise collaboration and addresses customers’ needs faster when others get involved. Deploy solutions like centrally storing messages on a server and records management to ensure you meet compliance guidelines.

Short Message Service (SMS) is an extension of Enterprise IM. Use it as an additional communication channel to improve engagement and reach with other businesses, customers, and prospects. 

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Add push-to-talk and eliminate the need for employees to carry additional devices such as a two-way radio. Push-to-Talk is ideal in time-sensitive and critical situations because you connect with others instantly. You never have to schedule a meeting or wait for participants to join. Conversations are broadcast immediately over a smart device and are supported on Polycom / Poly devices.

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The Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module ensures customizable routing procedures are in place to get customers to the correct information or agent using voice spoken input or a telephone keypad. Handle more calls with an IVR. Customers can complete tasks on their own, like accessing their account balance, or they can use voice prompts to access the right agent for assistance.

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The module is ideal for businesses where compliance recording is a necessary process. For example, validate customer’s consent to be recorded, conduct financial transactions, access personal data, and more.

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If you are already using Microsoft Teams desktop or mobile client, it is time to enrich your experience. Enjoy voice and video communication by integrating Deltapath Talk. Plus, turn any chat into a voice or video conversation in one click.

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Already a Salesforce customer? Leverage your investment by integrating Salesforce with Deltapath Talk to achieve an integrated view of your sales, marketing campaigns, customer service communication, and more. Users work smarter when they have the caller’s information + account + opportunities + cases on their screen before they even answer a call.

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Are you currently using Zendesk Sell or Zendesk Support? Integrate Deltapath Talk and experience more efficient call handling while improving customer experience and conversions. 

When users answer a call from their Zendesk screen, a holistic view of the customer is displayed including sales opportunities, historical notes, ticketing history, past conversions and much more. Start having stronger conversations with your customers today. 

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WebRTC opens a new channel for customer interaction through voice and video directly on your website. Website visitors just click-to-call. Industry giants like Discord and Facebook Messenger trust WebRTC for superior customer experiences.

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Keeps team members connected and informed about important information and unfolding events. Notifications are sent at specific intervals to every team member’s smart device until a member acknowledges and takes responsibility for resolving the alarm or incident. As a result, experience an improvement in response and resolution time to events.

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When critical systems fail, urgent attention is required. Ensure faster resolution and more effective response times by team members. Team members receive phone calls and notifications. Until the incident is acknowledged by someone answering the phone, the system will keep dialing the people on the contact list. 

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Save time and money with our white labeling service. We package and sell our products to companies under their brand and logo.

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Improve customer experience, sales, productivity, and communication by ensuring customers, prospects, and employees can hear and be heard on calls, when using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, or a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa by eliminating background noise. Also, if you are fueling your artificial intelligence work with voice data, ensure background noise is not interfering with the integrity of your data. Learn more about the Noise Cancellation Gateway

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