Are you an existing Deltapath
customer who uses Microsoft Outlook?

Do you want to see how we’ve improved it for you?

Microsoft Outlook has simplified the lives of millions of people. The application has made it simple to manage contacts, meetings, and appointments. Some of you even take notes courtesy of the OneNote icon in MS Outlook. Although best known as an email client, the application is so much more. Now you can get even more done in MS Outlook.

Eliminate your challenges. Experience

Deltapath capabilities in Outlook and get more done
in one place


Deltapath Outlook

Deltapath Outlook Add-in is available to Deltapath customers. Get Deltapath tasks completed right from MS Outlook instead of Deltapath Switchboard on desktop or the user interface from a browser.

Schedule and manage virtual meetings and make calls right from your inbox. Once you install the add-in, it appears in the MS Outlook ribbon.

Key Benefits


Make a call from any email with a phone number in the email’s signature section or body.


Create and manage virtual meetings right in Microsoft Outlook with the Deltapath Outlook Add-in.


Make and Receive Calls To/From
Hong Kong No Matter Where You Are