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Power of Microsoft Outlook for Business

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used applications in the world. Although best known as an email client, there is a lot more to Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft has made it very simple for you to get a lot done right from your Outlook inbox. You can manage contacts, and access calendar features to manage your workday, including creating appointments and scheduling meetings. You can even take notes courtesy of the OneNote icon in MS Outlook or turn a meeting into an online meeting by clicking the MS Teams icon.

Deltapath joins Microsoft’s vision and is now offering the Deltapath Outlook Add-in to our Deltapath customers who use Microsoft Outlook. Get even more done right from your inbox without navigating to Deltapath Switchboard on desktop or the user interface from a browser.

The Deltapath Outlook Add-in is an extension of your Microsoft Outlook experience designed to schedule and manage virtual meetings and make calls extra easy for you. Once you install the add-in, it appears in the MS Outlook ribbon.

Learn How Easy It Is to Make Calls

Make a call from any email with a phone number in the signature section or body of the email.

Just right-click the phone number in the email and click Make call from Deltapath Plugin. If you do not have a person’s contact number, use the Search and Call feature. Lookup a contact in your phonebook and make a call in one seamless step. Plus, there are many more ways for you to make a call right from Microsoft Outlook.

Virtual Meeting Joins Microsoft Outlook

Create and manage virtual meetings right in Microsoft Outlook
with the Deltapath Outlook Add-in.

What is Virtual Meeting?

If you haven’t used Virtual Meeting, then you’re missing out. Virtual Meeting is a scheduling tool that lets you decide how your guests connect to your meeting. You can have your guest call your extension, call an audio-only conference room, a video conference room, or even a Skype for Business Gateway virtual conference room. Plus, you can set up a Virtual Meeting to auto-dial guests just before the start of your meeting.

If you are a meeting participant, Virtual Meeting makes it easy for you to get to your meeting destination. Meeting participants receive emails with detailed information on how to join a meeting. In many cases, all you have to do is click a link to join.

Feel confident when participating in a virtual meeting. The meeting host and participants all receive unique access codes that expire after every meeting. Feel secure hosting a meeting or just being a meeting participant.